Tuesday 14 January 2014

A Round-up...

I seem to have been so tired and flat since Christmas that I couldn't even think about blogging but today I'll just share a few pics and recipes we had recently.
Christmas this year was extra, extra special as Elizabeth, Caleb and David came and had Christmas dinner with us for the first time in 13years!

Elizabeth suits a crown!

3 generations of serious foodies(Jessie scored a moustache in her cracker/bonbon!)

Since Christmas Perth has been sweltering with a 44C day last Sunday and we broke the hottest night on record that night with the temp only dropping to 29.7C at 3am...it was already 40C at 9am on Monday morning before a cool change came in. Our backyard thermometer went up to 46C on Sunday...no wonder I feel tired!!! A friend's glass topped heat treated outdoor table shattered in the sun and my tomatoes were scorched and ruined.

I have finished that diagonal blanket at long last...the stripes are very random because I didn't plan it properly/at all and it's very heavy as the wool is 12 ply...

this pile of wash-cloths has doubled in size...I love to knit while watching cricket and tennis on telly

Poor Joe has had 3 groups of BCCs cut from his face and neck and is rather tender at the moment...this is one of them and I beg all of you to stay out of the sun(Joe's are not caused by sun exposure but rather a syndrome called Gorlin's that he has)

Two great biscuit recipes I made in the food processor recently...a parmesan shortbread from Nigella and these delicious peanut butter cookie are so morish!

Parmesan Shortbreads...double this recipe, they and the dough freeze very well
Peanut Butter Cookies...mine looked smoother than these and they also freeze very well

Elizabeth has a new painting on her easel...it's undergone several big changes as she rises to the challenge...the trench in the front came about after she spilled choc-milk on it!

Twitch is still enjoying life and several bunches of kale a week...under the telly is a favourite for grand-dad naps...

he seems to be developing a Harry Potter type zig-zag on his forehead

Overseas news is that Priscilla's chemo did nothing at all to reduce her tumour so the next plan is to try surgery and cousin Dave's chemo is on-going and we pray it's working for him and Janet and their family.

Dave and son, Peter on Christmas Day...instead of losing his hair it's growing as strongly as ever(funny chap) and Peter is the one with the plant growing out of his head(according to Jan)

Kyra turned 5 years of age on Friday...that has gone very fast...

and Austin turned 2 years of age on December 21st...what a clown!

So that's about all our news for now, thank you all for the Christmas and New Year wishes, hope all is well with you and yours
Love from Sue


  1. Hope you feel better soon, Sue. That heat would exhaust me too. It is just unbelievable. I was just looking at Tania's blog and it is 49 at her place in SA! Hope Twitch can keep cool.

  2. I hardly know where to start. Glad to hear that you are not quite the puddle you have been.

    Best to Joe. I noticed on the pic of the food that it has his place card there. That meal looks delicious. Is that four kinds of meat on there? The mixed vegetables look the best.

    Ah, Twitch. What an amazing little guy and companion he is. I still marvel how much he reminds me of my own, dear Hopscotch. It has been decades and I still long to have him around. Seeing pictures of Twitch are of such comfort for me. Just keep 'em comin'.

    I love, as does everyone, Elizabeth's new painting. A trench has always been my default where chocolate milk is concerned. Must be an unconscious and Universal aspect of the artist.

    Oh, and the children. My goodness. In the kitchen, dancing and fooling around, being their wonderful, fun and darling selves.

    Greatness in your new year, too!

  3. It's lovely to see you blogging Sue. I hope Joe is on the mend.

  4. Oh, Sue that heat is oppressive! I don't know how you can manage to cook or do ANYTHING in that weather. I'd be sitting in front of the air conditioner all day. XOXOX Hugs and I hope that cooler weather is on the way for you all in your part of the world XO

  5. Hi There, thanks for posting. Good to hear from you. We have your hot weather now and more to come. I cant believe that on Friday it will be 44 and on Sat only 20.

  6. Lovely to see you back, Sue. My son is in W.A. & keeps us informed on the weather. We are having it too this week & it looks like it won't get much better next week. Love all your photos & might try your recipes when I put the oven on but not this week. We are living on salads or out of the freezer.
    Shame about the cricket!!