Friday 15 April 2016

Recent Knitting

Thanks for all your sweet comments falls are more like a gentle subsidence than a violent tumble and due to the mild muscular dystrophy I have, I'm quite alright today though.

Have made a cheese and bacon crustless quiche to share with Dad and I'm taking him for an eye exam this afternoon...he still doesn't need glasses but at 82 yrs he needs his doctor to OK him for another year of driving his car.

While the washing machine does it's magic I thought I'd show you all the finished knitting for our new grandson due in 3 weeks(squeeeeee!!)
A simple woollen blanket being blocked...

A teeny jumper from the July edition of Better Homes and Gardens...I borrowed the mag from the library but liked this pattern and the one for the wee crown that I ordered a copy from ebay...Bree loves this one so much that Charlie is going to wear it home from the hospital!

  Georgie Rabbit is modelling the crown for us...definitely not for sleeping in though, just a bit of fun...

 and 2 Pebbles Vests...the pattern seems quite back to front at times so if you going to use it then take care

I also sewed these 2 cot panels together with a filling of fleecy material to make a tough and washable spare blanket or play mat for him...

Well that's all from Nana's bragging post!
Have a great weekend won't you?
Love from Sue

PS Rhonda's Weekend Reading Post is a beauty and it's her birthday today too!


  1. You have such a fine hand. I really admire your skills; everything is not only useful, but you manage to include your lovely touch of beauty.

    Those wee vests are just about knocking my socks off.

  2. Gorgeous work Sue, so glad you are feeling a little better today.

  3. Beautiful knitting Sue! I really LOVE that green blanket especially, and those tiny little vests are just so perfect.


  4. Darling Sue, you are RIDICULOUSLY talented. Love your work and I'm so excited to hear of that new babe's safe arrival :)

  5. Beautiful work Sue!! I can see you have put love in each piece created. A well loved young man! Congratulations on the new grandson!!

  6. Aghh, I totally commented on this but it dissapeared I think. I have come to realize my phone has been eating my comments.

    I LOVE that beautiful green blanket! Your little knitted things are just so beautiful and tiny. So clever Sue!


  7. ohh, I just realized you approve the comments, I may have commented three times...Im a wally! I blame my head cold.


  8. Those vests remind me of the little ones I knitted for our soon many many moons ago without side buttons though . Some beautiful knitting you have there.