Thursday 14 April 2016

Well Today Was Different

When I got up today and turned on the kettle then the old-fashioned desk-top computer I love we had no internet emails, no Down to Earth forum contact, no Facebook etc etc. I made some tea, jiggled with cables/the modem etc but couldn't call our server because Joe has all the passwords etc on his old-fashioned desktop computer!

So I got straight into housework, showered and had breakfast and then drove over to the Dept of Transport nearby to change Mum's car into Dad's name~~~since her death cert came last week I have been completely bogged down in phone calls, waiting in line and generally re-explaining our situation which is painful to say the least. I was very relieved to have this go through very smoothly and then decided that I should go to Fremantle to collect Mum's engagement ring which was being repaired.

Entered the small round-about near the harbour to have another driver sound his horn very loudly at me and then follow me to the parking station...I was pretty un-nerved by then and took his rego number but nothing else happened apart from me paying for 4 hours parking when I only needed 2!

Then I walked across town to the jeweller's noting the paving seemed even more un-even than ever and that I was rather tired and weak(it happens). I saw our lovely Anneke and she had repaired the ring and polished it again, I left her some hand-made soap but felt dis-inclined to chat so I said goodbye and went looking for lunch. Tragedy was that being in Fremantle and not being hungry made it hard to choose but in the end I went back to Culley's Tea Rooms next to Anneke's workplace and ordered a traditional cheese and salad for overseas readers a Perth salad roll is a large crusty bread roll, real butter, good cheddar cheese, sliced tomato/cucumber/beetroot/lettuce, grated carrot and no mayo etc. Truly incomparable. Honestly, they aren't made like this anywhere I have ever been.

So pleased with my purchase I left the shop only to feel my right knee give way and to find myself on the pavement in front of the all the al fresco diners and passers-by...the ultimate  "Oh no". We quickly assessed that I wasn't hurt but wouldn't be able to get up by myself so I asked that a chair be brought over and I wriggled my way up onto that and back onto my feet.
I thanked my 2 rescuers, checked that my elbow was grazed but not bleeding and carried on to Kakulis Sisters for my falafel mix! Brave I am. Not really, I wanted my Mam.

Next comes a text msg from Bree asking why I called her and I realised I'd fallen on my phone and it had called her...she was horrified that I'd fallen and despite being 8 mos pregnant with Charlie offered to come and get me. No need, Love, and I drove home to have Joe sort out the internet connection and now it's time for some well earned falafels and garlic sour cream. And wine.

Oh for a quiet life! Did you see that a couple near Morecambe found a huge lump of ambergris on the beach and it should make them a tidy sum?

Big Love


  1. Goodness me Sue, what a day! I am pleased you didn't break any bones when you fell. I hope you feel better tomorrow. Be careful now!

  2. I think a grazed elbow is cause for a hug and some choccy, let alone the wine. Tell Joe to give you a hug from me x

  3. Susie there is something to be said for a day like that, you get all your bad luck over in one go! Big hugs.

  4. Oh, what a day... Glad you aren't badly injured but what a bruise you'll have. :( It's exhausting dealing with all the paperwork and explanations, isn't it?

  5. It's always such a shock to have a fall and I'm glad you weren't hurt badly. Well deserved glass of wine ;)
    - Jeanette