Wednesday 28 June 2017

It Ain't Pretty But It's Done!

Although we're only a month into Winter the passionfruit vine is sending out lots of new shoots. It needs to be pruned each year as it's the new growth that produces the fruit and we want lots of that!

Before...this fence is 6ft high...


our local council have just supplied green waste bins, I've filled 2 with all my pruning, the waste will be mulched and used on city gardens...the roses are next!

It is Winter and we I am trying not to use the gas heater as it gets rather costly. Joe feels the cold but is willing to rug up in hand knits...he couldn't find his scarf this morning so he's grabbed my newly made shawlette to wear at the computer...cutie!
I used a 'cake' of Lincraft yarn, 200gms, cast on 5 sts and increased at beginning of each alternate row until I had around 63 sts and then I decreased the same way to the last 5sts and cast off. On 5mm needles it was a quick and very easy knit...

I've also finished several hats this month, here are a couple,

Discovered a lovely new recipe of half a mashed cauliflower, a beaten egg, 2T brown flour or breadcrumbs and half a cup of grated cheese mixed together and shallow fried...they can be re-heated and are still delicious...we had them 3 days in a row lol...We also had our first taste of turnip leaves, quite bitter but quite delicious when well fried and crispy, a nice free meal.

Rhonda has got me well and truly hooked on Bear cam again this's like a soap opera as we watch the families at work and play. There are web cams all over the world featuring a variety of wildlife.

I've been reading, knitting and watching lots of tennis on telly, looking forward to Wimbledon next week. One book I really enjoyed was The Rain Queen by Katherine Scholes I also have a couple of Amanda Hampson's books from the library to relish very soon. Yesterday I went to the op-shop and bought 4 near new pillow cases, 2 thick coffee mugs, 2 French glass plates and a set of double pointed needles all for $6.20, why shop any where else without trying the op-shops first?

So that's where I have been and some of what I've been up to, have enjoyed reading your blogs too, lots of lovely recipes for Winter food from Aussie blogging friends..I love the inspiration.

Hope you are keeping well,
Love from Sue


  1. I'm with Joe all the way. I keep the heater off all day so rug up to the max. I feel the cold.
    It's great to hear what you've been up to and thanks for the cauliflower recipe too.
    Kylie xx

  2. Sue your hubby is rugged up like we are every night. We haven't turned on the heater so far this winter as we wrap up in rugs/blankets. Mind you we have been having above average temps and the days have been in the twenties. The cold weather will arrive eventually I guess. E

  3. we're Birds of a Feather aren't we, Kylie and Chel? xxxx

  4. Ladies, while you all are bundled up, I'm thinking about how to beat this heat. Hehee
    Stay warm. xx

  5. Love the hats too! We do the same to stay warm in winter although we are trying to stay cool now! The cauliflower recipe is already written down to try. Thanks!

  6. Sue I'm not a great knitter but I would like to know where to find the pattern for the hats or beannies you have featured. We are not cold enough in Mackay to need them but I have family in Perth. I am also after a pattern for leg warmers for littlies which I saw on a blog. Have you seen that one? Thanks, Pauline

  7. I wondered what you all did with garden rubbish. Those bins are a great idea, especially if it's all turned into mulch.
    Any passion fruit. Haven't had one of those in years.
    Terrific knitting!

    1. the garden refuse used to go into the regular rubbish bin which meant it was just dumped and thus wasted...these bins will be great xx