Wednesday 12 July 2017

Knitting, Rain and Warm Food

Will start with the rain...after a whole week of none we've broken local records and even had hail one morning.
 I saw pink and grey galahs hanging upside down from power lines, wings out-stretched enjoyed a refreshing shower. I saw a huge black crow splashily bathing in a muddy puddle without a care in the world. Doves walked back and forth along the top of our fence looking like a Gary Larsen cartoon but my favourite was this little wood-duck. While I was knitting in the car and waiting for Joe at the dentist(he broke a tooth and needed a filling) I heard what sounded like a cat mewing loudly. When I opened the window it was this little chap/lady thoroughly enjoying the pop-up pond in the car park...what a funny noise they make...

It swam back and forth totally unconcerned about the cars coming and going...they actually nest in trees unlike other breeds of ducks.

Recent knitting includes this lovely free pattern for a diagonally knit washcloth , I've finished 3 in 8ply with 4mm needles and have ordered some 10ply(worsted weight) from Bendigo Woolen Mills to try it on the larger needles as per the pattern...

Then I read about a lady using up all her odds and ends of wool on very large needles so I found by 10mm needles and all my pink and white wool and made this in less than 2 days...all I've done is cast on 30 sts, knit around 10 rows in garter st, work a row of yarn fwd, K2tog to end to create a bit of a pattern, it's very loose and snuggly at the same time and cost nothing...

On to warm food...we've been enjoying lots of soups...this one is made from the left-over roast vegs and corned beef...I even found a stray sweet potato growing in the front garden, that beetroot gave it a beautiful colour and I added some frozen green beans for bulk...

Last night we had a sausage meat and pasta bake, I topped this the breadcrumbs I had in the freezer and only used the meat from 3 pork sausages with some chopped mushrooms so it was very thrifty.
I've just walked up to the letterbox and my neighbour, Vera, called me in to give me this enormous leek she'd bought on special yesterday...she'd like me to make Leek and Potato for my dear Dad who can't wear his dentures...easy to eat...aren't people wonderful? The prize leek...

I have some dianthus seedling to plant today, they are like small carnations and seem to last at 2 years...I like to have flowers in the back courtyard...

Now unfortunately it's not been all sweetness and light this week with the news that Joe's step-brother has been murdered in Canada, such a shock and we're still waiting to hear what the motive was as Pierre was a very easy going, likable man. RIP mother-in-law has now out-lived her first 3 should do that...

Joe has had surgery on his nose to remove a possibly dangerous basal cell carcinoma, he has sts inside and out and is very sore, let's hope they got it all this time as they missed some cells last time.

Priscilla isn't doing very well atm either. The Vit C infusions have come to an end and she is quite exhausted now. The doctors have found a bed in a respite facility to give her complete bed rest and hopefully stress and pain relief for the coming week. At the weekend she and Will had all three younger children baptised together with all their god parents attending too...this is my favourite photo...

So we all just muddle along as best we can don't we?
Hope things are going well for you,
Love from Sue

PS was just sent this, these 2 guys were born 83 yrs apart but have such a deep connection...


  1. Love the idea of the galahd hanging upside down! And the crowd and the duck! All enjoying the rain.
    Wonderful family photo. Bless them

  2. It is what we do isn't it? My heart and my prayers for you and your family especially your mother in law. It makes my heart hurt to even think of losing a child, it is not supposed to happen that way.
    About once a month one of the Australia lady bloggers that I follow (you, Nana Chel, and Rhonda) will send me to google to look up something you mention in your posts. It was your turn this time - Galah - rose breasted cocatoo, learn something new again! I also love scrap yarn projects, I got a huge box of yarn from my grandmother when she passed and have made an afghan of "granny squares" with grandma yarn and the thin stuff is going into a shawl when I have a moment. Try to keep dry!

  3. Oh, sometimes I really do feel that the life is not fair. I'm sending positive energy and prayers to you and your family, Sue.
    I hope Joe's surgery is a success. I'm so sorry to hear about his step brother's death and Priscilla's pain. Hugs to you all. xx

  4. Oh Sue so much for you all. Thanks for posting and letting us know how you are and what you've been up to, I read every single word.
    Sending you strength and warm hugs.
    Kylie xx

  5. Hi Sue, Your photos of that sweet duck and your pretty scarf are gorgeous! You are always so busy and productive. So sorry to hear the sad news. All the Best.

  6. Sending prayers your way Sue! Wishing the best for Joe! I am sorry to hear about your step brother's death. We keep Priscilla in our prayers. I see the water in your photos and we are praying for rain here. Both South and North Dakota are very dry and the farmers are getting nervous.
    Angela XX

  7. Love the descriptions of the birds in the rain and the photos of the duck. Your knitting is lovely and the multicolour scarf looks great. Definitely soup weather here too! Joe's step brother's death is awful and I'm hoping it is solved soon. Lovely photo of Priscilla, Will and the family.

  8. Thank you for the washcloth pattern link, Sue. I love trying out new patterns for these. I'm keen to make up one of your beanies too because I've never made one before and I have some yarn I could use up. Your scarf turned out really well:) Sending you and your family my warmest thoughts during these saddening times. Take care. Meg Xxx