Wednesday 5 June 2019

Feeling Better, Feeling the Love

what a difference a day makes indeed, I feel almost human again now. Would you believe that my lovely Dad, who has a cold himself, turned up this morning with 3 Lemsip pouches to make me feel better;I don't use things like that but was mighty touched by his love!
Sadly Vera phoned to say she is too frail to come home and will go to hospice at some point...I will miss her dearly.

Yesterday I had the brainwave to make Rhonda's new Chilli Jam recipe forgetting how strong the fumes are...I had to open every window and use both fans and air-conditioner AND a scarf over my lower face to avoid inhaling the fume! (shakes head)...I like this recipe as it uses red peppers which are cheap and plentiful at the moment...

  For lunch today I was craving eggs so mixed up a crustless flan thingy using less than half a cooked chicken breast, finely chopped red capsicum, 5 eggs and some sour cream...a little too brown as I was watching the French Open tennis at the same time...

I am a lazy gardener and throw my eggshells directly onto the garden beds where they dry out and get crunched looks like some enterprising crow has placed most of them in the bird bath to make them softer to eat...I had to laugh!...

For tea tonight I've made spag bol, India vs South Africa are playing in the World Cricket Cup...Nilanthi are your family following the fortunes of the Sri Lanken team?

Bye bye for now,


  1. Sue, sorry to read you have been unwell. I couldn't believe it when I was visiting the Melbourne CBD to see heaps of people walking up a very crowded Collins Street while smoking. Here smokers aren't supposed to smoke near the shops but I sometimes to see them smoking underneath the 'No Smoking Here!' signs. It is sad about your neighbour. Old age is great as long as one is healthy.

  2. Good to hear you are feeling better now. I thought you were going to tell me the fumes from the chili jam set off another bronchial attack lol! I must give that recipe a try, I see in my web travels that a few people have made it now.

    Had to laugh about the eggshells in the water too, maybe the crows were playing some kind of game lol! I often find the odd egg shell out on the block that the resident crows steal for dinner!

    Your quiche looks delish as does the chili jam.

    Tea sounds yum, hope you enjoy the cricket...


  3. I made some of that chilli jam. It was truly great. Finished it quickly so I'll have to make some more.
    Your Ash Barty is doing very well.
    She's a little piece of dynamite.
    Greek Tsitsipas is out but looking forward to seeing Federer and Nadal

  4. So good to heat you are feeling better now.
    Your egg dish looks so delicious.

    I don’t remember the last time I watched a Cricket match. 😊 From what I read, the Sri Lankan team is doing very poorly. So I don’t think I’m missing anything. Hahaa