Sunday 4 March 2012

Horses and Carriage, Like Love and Marriage

On our way home from Mandurah yesterday, Deb and I stopped at the Boat Ramp Cafe opposite the new ramp on the Safety Bay Foreshore. As I sipped my orange juice I realised I could see a white horse through the trees across the road.  We walked over and there were 2 beauties and a replica carriage being readied for a local wedding. Also admiring them were Deb, Chloe and Chelsea....Chelsea was in Deb's class the year I was her asst(10yrs ago) and Chloe had been in Kerry  and Jane's class with me about 14yrs ago! Eeek. Anyway here are some of my photos.

Deb had to kiss them much to Chelsea's delight!

They were both males and around 16yrs of age

The driver's hat

The beautiful replica carriage, a phaeton perhaps from the early 1800s?

I took lots of photos at Dolphin Quay in Mandurah and will share them this week.

Our little family has 3 birthdays today, all in England. Auntie Jessie, cousin Dave and second cousin Rebecca...hope you have a lovely day xoxo

It's a public holiday here tomorrow for Labour Day and the forecast is for 35C!
Happy Long Weekend fellow Westies,
Love from Sue

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