Thursday 22 March 2012

This and That

Oh my goodness, it's over a week since I last posted here and it's not because I had nothing to report...quite the opposite but not enough time to sit and think!

Best news first, Priscilla's tumour has confined itself to one spot and not gone burrowing into her lungs or bone marrow so we are thrilled with this news as you can imagine. Last Thursday she went to a wonderful hairdresser who shaves chemo patient's hair for free and then she showed her how to tie the pretty new scarf she'd chosen on-line (and paid for by her step-grandad!). Priss has been to the wig clinic and been loaned a really cute short blond wig, pictures coming soon. You can follow Priscilla's 'journey' here at her own blog.

Over at the Down To Earth forum we've had a huge number of new members following Rhonda's appearance on two national TV programmes as well as radio and the book tour...if you still haven't joined click on the badge on the right of this post and it will take you there, it's free, fantastic and so very inspiring.

On Sunday Gordie took Jess, Livvie and I to our first ever rabbit show at Ashfield near Guildford. We'd hoped there would have been more bunnies to admire but we saw some different breeds and some gorgeous Lops like Twitch, Olivia and I took loads of photos with my little camera and they are really bad! Still want to see some? Ok here goes...

This last one is an albino British Giant, roughly twice the size of Twitch who will weigh 2.5 kilos once he's full grown.

Then I mentioned that we were near Woodbridge House which was built in the mid to late 19th century by a Parliamentarian, Charles Harper, on the banks of the upper Swan River. His family lived in this beautiful 3 storey house and he began a school there which has blossomed into Guildford Grammar School. This short film shows you the beautiful house and area around there...

It's run by the National Trust nowadays and you can look around the house for a small fee....the girls and I went in but they were somewhat distracted by being given a sheet and told to look for toy rats in each room! I did manage to get a little edikation thrown in too! The house is furnished as it would have been over 100yrs ago with many of the family's belongings still in place. I took a couple of photos outside, can you see the girls in the doorway?

This side faces the river, the verandas would have been a lovely cool place to sit on a Summer's day.

Across the lawn to the river...

Olivia took this arty photo of Jessie talking to me about the house. They both filled in the Visitor's Book...Liv said "Wow" and Jessie said how much she loved the house and would like to live there!

Two more batches of soap have been made this fortnight.. I have 2 of Deb's wooden molds now and they make soap-making so very much easier. I use Rhonda's second recipe all the time now.

1 block of Copha
1000 gms olive oil
450 mls filtered water
172 gms caustic soda

This batch just has 3 tablespoons of sweet orange essential's lovely and light...

Well I think I've caught up to date now, there's also been a lot of reading and a little knitting going on as well lots of cooking and gardening,

Hope all is well with you(especially Claire who has not been well for far too long),
Love from Sue


  1. Thanks for your thoughts Sue, but don't worry about me, it's not life threatening, just awkward and depressing! I'm optimistic to be blogging and resuming normality soonish as long as my new meds kick in.

    Glad to hear Priscillas tumour is contained, still wishing her well with the treatment, and thinking of you as you cope with this (even if I'm not commenting much).


  2. Like

    It's been a massive week, hasn't it. David loves them fluffy bunnies! Don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, coz he saying "dinner" when he see's them!


  3. Hopefully David remembers that he's Auntie Kristie's right-hand man when it comes to feeding their bunnies. I think that's what he typed there under your comment(David is our 2 yr old grandson btw)

    and Claire I do miss you but glad you're trying some new meds(get working you new meds)