Monday 7 May 2012

My Weekend

I was out and about this weekend. On Saturday Joe had a specialist appt in Fremantle so we had a nice walk around the town after that. I needed more bokashi powder and on the way to the Planet Ark shop we popped into Le Forum, a lovely shop selling French literature etc...I spied some Santons on the top shelf and asked their price...oooooo I knew I had a little Christmas money left so treated myself to the beautiful lavender seller below. The two smaller santons came from Paris several years ago and I love the story behind them. Here is another nice link I also have 5 tiny ones that Olivia likes to put to bed in a matchbox! The new one wears a padded skirt which was an authentic way the Provencal women kept warm in winter.

 On Sunday morning I went to Burswood for lunch for Mum and Dad and took a few photos of plants and leaves while waiting for the bus on Gilmore Avenue, not sure where this leaf came from but when I held it up the light Maureen exclaimed that the veins looked like gold thread...

I thought this was a large mushroom but Mum felt it was a toadstool because it lacked a thread growing around the stem. We agreed it was a funghi just like Dad(fun guy)!

It's still raining heavily  but Joe managed to get a nice photo of the perigee moon of the last two nights, it's the biggest moon of the year, gorgeous isn't it?

The bread-maker is on and the bread is almost ready, we love our home-made bread. In the slow cooker is a large duck breast, bacon, chorizo and pork sausage casserole that will have white beans added to it later this afternoon, a wonderful fragrant dish based roughly on the French Cassoulet recipes.
I do hope you have a wonderful week, do you have plans or are you going with the flow like me?
Love from Sue

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