Sunday 13 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day

With much love to my own Mum as well as all the mothers celebrating today, I hope you feel the love...
I found this poem on-line but no-one knows the author...
  • My Mother kept a garden,
    a garden of the heart,
    She planted all the good things
    that gave my life it's start.
    She turned me to the sunshine
    and encouraged me to dream,
    Fostering and nurturing
    the seeds of self-esteem...
    And when the winds and rain came,
    she protected me enough-
    But not too much because she knew
    I'd need to stand up strong and tough.
    Her constant good example
    always taught me right from wrong-
    Markers for my pathway
    that will last a lifetime long.
    I am my Mother's garden.
    I am her legacy-
    And I hope today she feels the love

    reflected back from me... ♥

    Dani (and Paul) bought me a glorious white orchid plant and it's special food, the card that Dani had chosen, written in and embellished was truly heart-warming. Later in the day I found this photo on-line and like the quote too, thank you Dani and Paul xxx

    It's Wednesday night now and today we went up to Northbridge to the New Moon Dim Sum restaurant for was wonderful, bright young wait staff, delicious food and a lift there and back...thank you "Boys" xx

    And how's this for exciting....cousins Bob and Karen's youngest, Christina, is going to represent Great Britain in judo very soon, she's a talented gymnast too and still in her early teens...must ask if I can share some photos of her in action...


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