Monday 3 September 2012

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Hot on the heels of Father's Day comes Dad's 79th birthday so we wish you a Very Happy Birthday and many more. This year's gifts are based on comfort not excitement but you know you are much loved nevertheless

Dad's 70th birthday with two of his six great-children, Jacob and Jessica...

Dad modelling the Great British Sun-hat earlier this year...

and Dad and Mum on their honeymoon in London, 1955

With Father's Day yesterday I came to realise just fortunate I am to have a wonderful father and also that he is still with us, so many of my friends have already lost their dads.
In particular, Kaylene's father has been missing for 14 yrs now, last seen in the eastern states, here is their 'story' perhaps some-one will encourage him to call them, the Vietnam Veterans Assoc has also joined the search and sent a letter to all their members.

Well I'd better get dressed and go and say Happy Birthday in person,

Have a great week every-one
Love from Sue


  1. We had a quiet day here as we have both lost our dads and our girls weren't home from the city. We'll catch up with them on Wednesday when we go to Adelaide.
    Your dad looks to be going strong, bless him. They sure look a gorgeous couple - how beautifully dressed they were, very stylish.

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. Write your a Birthday Letter to Father with a poem and mention some funny things in that.

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