Thursday 20 September 2012

Out In The Garden

I've been spending at least an hour a day weeding, mainly the 'lawn' but also the back bed where a million Cape Lilac seedlings are determined to create a forest.

There's a couple of plants I wish I knew the names of. One because it's beautiful and one because it's an absolute menace! Beauty first...the bees love it and it's pressed up against my study window for me to admire...

Now the Menace...must be related to the rubber tree as it bleeds copious amounts of sap when I break a branch, I've pruned it very severely as it sends out suckers and was taking up a large area...

It's leaves and fruit...

The other oddity in this garden is the chrysalises of the hairy black caterpillars that were everywhere when we moved in...they've obviously been living here undisturbed for years, crawling up the fence to begin their metamorphosis into what I think is the big brown moths we have in our area...

Off to the bin for you...there must be hundreds in each clump...

This huge asparagus fern takes up a whole bed but Twitch loves to eat it and as long as it stays there that's OK...I watched The Day of The Triffids Part 1 yesterday and am looking forward to Part 2 today...a great film and a lot of knitting!

The potted plants are thriving, there are tomato flowers now and I think my rosemary seedlings have 'taken' too.

The weather has gone from sunny yesterday in these photos to pouring down and cooler today, I think it looks a good day for the slow cooker to get busy.
Hope your garden is bringing you some joy this week, it's nice to take the time to look and appreciate Nature's goodness.
Love from Sue


  1. We have a cracker spring day here with a top of 20C I believe. I'm at work now, but just about to go out for lunch with a friend for a catch up so that will be nice! Your garden is looking good - marvellous what a bit of sunshine can do for the gardening soul!

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. The garden looks lovely. The flowering bush under your study window is gorgeous!!! I also should be tending to the gardens outside... right after I get the inside back into shape :)