Friday 17 May 2013

A Fridge Scrape Soup

Cold day, vegies and leftovers to use up and a fridge that needs a good clean...perfect for fridge scrape soup...I love this name and the freedom it allows, the thrift of using up all the those bits and pieces so there is no waste in the kitchen.

I'll start with gently frying onion, carrots and celery and then add some fresh garlic. What's next? That half a zucchini, those elderly potatoes, soft tomatoes, bits of broccoli, cabbage, the silverbeet that Twitch won't eat, the left-over mushy peas than need longer cooking and that scrap of corned beef from earlier in the week. Quick look in freezer and there's that bag of butter beans from goodness knows when...they can go in near the end! Give everything a good stir round in the oil and then cover with hot water from the kettle, plenty of salt and pepper, Worcestershire sauce or your favourite spice/herb blends. Cook gently until the vegies are tender and clean the fridge now lol
Then you can eat and enjoy your soup!

Do you make soups at home, are you game to try a fridge scrape soup this weekend?

This blogger made several different versions which may inspire you!

Thrifty, warming and delicious.

Enjoy your weekend,

PS I didn't know it was Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day when I started cooking this morning, he is such an inspiration to us all


  1. Yummy! What a great idea Sue :)


  2. That looks amazing!! I never have those kinds of leftovers, so I have to start with brand-new ingredients. However, there will be lots of leftovers from the soup. Sometimes I will add grains or beans or hot chilli.

    My usual leftovers are raspberry yogurt or apples. Maybe a couple of eggs. :)

  3. I always love soup! This soup looks lovely Sue!

  4. I love recipes that uses up the scrapes in the fridge! This soup looks and sounds delicious.

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