Monday 13 May 2013

Sweet Baby Knitting


 I did have a special Mother's Day with lots of love and laughter. Mum and Dad loved their photo-book of old and new family photos(I used Blurb) and it makes it a very special family 'book'. I was also blessed with roses and $$$ to spend in Canada on our August holiday ;) Gordie came over and he and Joe chatted about weird electrical computer things and he left with a big piece of that potato cake and a jar of olives both made by his was a lovely day.

Here are the Pebbles vests that Phiona has taken to Port Hedland for her grandson who is due in July...that tablecloth cost $4 at the op-shop a couple of years ago...

and a 4-ply basket stitch blanket...

I taken a different path with these items and used very soft acrylic/nylon yarns that are machine washable for busy new point using wool that will shrink and spoil...I'm still learning ;)

Love to you all


  1. These are so cool. Ive tried knitting but i seem to take out all my emotions or how i am feeling on the wool. You can certainly tell when ive been having a bad day or relaxed as the tension changes. Kind of a barometer.

  2. Beautiful work Sue, the little tops are a delight.
    All your baby knitting reminds me so much of my Mum and Nana. They always knitted or crocheted gifts for family and friends new arrivals.

  3. Nice job Sue, that four ply basket stitch is particularly lovely.

  4. Love all of the knitting you have done! I need to get my needles back out and practice more. I love nothing more than had knitted jumpers for Jarvis, they are so much nicer than store bought. Hmm I would also love a hand knitted jumper for me! Your knitting looks lovey.

  5. All that knitting is marvelous!! Love everything you made. I wish so much I knew how to knit. I only know a bit of crochet. Made with love!