Friday 9 November 2012

Around The Garden

Yesterday's Plan A was to re-paint my roadside find, the white cane chair I carried home on my shoulder from several streets away. So I sanded off the loose paint, shook my spray can for several minutes and then sprayed a chair arm...eeekss...that paint is cream and very watery and not what I want at all. I'll go to Bunnings later this morning to get some Dulux white paint and some basil plants too.

This cactus was here when we moved in and I noticed the buds on it last they have opened and are glorious...

 A nice big tomato that the caterpillars haven't noticed...

The chives are flowering too...

This large succulent was another road-side find, in a nice ceramic pot too...

Wendy's elderflower is thriving, it's trunk is very wavy though...

Hallo Joey!

A chain of hearts spills out of a little aluminium teapot...

I moved my geraniums in old oil tins to the front door to brighten that patio a little...

Then at about 6pm I went for a last look round and found hundreds of hairy caterpillars on the Cape Lilac trees, I added some liquid soap to my citrus cleaner and gave them all a good spray. It didn't kill them but they are not well and I brushed them all off this morning..

The trees themselves are quite beautiful...

The Christmas Swap list is now up at the DTE forum, friends in Mt Helena are having an open garden this weekend but it's just too far for me sadly.

I hope you have a safe and restful weekend,
Love from Sue


  1. Loving your garden pictures, It is all brown and cool here in Southern Indiana. Steve visited his doctor yesterday for scan results, more cancer in spleen now. Starts new chemo next week. The good news is liver and pancreas still clear. I left a note fo Priscilla this week, praying daily for her family. Enjoy the spring and please keep sharing your delightful pictures.

  2. Hi Sue

    Lovely garden pics and Joey made me smile.

    That is Sacre Coeur you see on my banner pic - it is a set of coasters I bought in Paris in 2010 (six different scenes). They were really cheap but I just loved the colours of the pictures. How I wish I could return... one day!

    Cheers - Joolz

  3. Hi Sue, many thanks for commenting on my blog. I came and read your profile ... I see we like many of the same things:)
    Hairy caterpillars:( Will those ones turn into those huge moths with 'eyes' on the back of their wings, and sit high on the bedroom wall staring down [with those eyes] while you lie in bed? We have huge moths that do that here, but I am not sure what the caterpillars look like.

  4. Hiya Shirley...I think these caterpillars turn into a drab brown moth(probably thought beautiful by their mothers though) that hatch all at once at night and fill the air for suburbs around with their business...they even get in the car!