Monday 5 November 2012

Fremantle With Mum

I drove Mum back to Fremantle for an 8.45am appointment to have yet another skin cancer type thing removed, this one from behind her ear, it was only the size of a grain of rice but had to go. Afterwards we went along by the wharf to have a look at Voyager of The Seas, one of the largest cruise ships ever to visit may remember it's only 3 days since Mum and Dad disembarked from their latest cruise, both of them very unwell but that hasn't deterred Margo Polo one bit! Mum is already champing at the bit to go again lol

We couldn't get any closer because of all the traffic...

The sail training ship, Leeuwin was bobbing in the wind

Near the hospital are some rather old houses with alleyways running behind them. These occupants have made garden beds and grow vegies and flowers... Swiss chard and pansies look lovely together...

  Look at the beautiful bougainvillea climbing over the walls...

And the very uplifting wall of thank you cards beside one of the busy clinics in the hospital...

What wild and windy weather we've had this weekend and it was cold enough for jackets today!

That's all for now, enjoy your week where-ever you are,
Love from Sue

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