Friday 15 March 2013

Garter Stitch Bootees

Thank you all for your kind words following the loss of my cousin-in-law Sheila, taken far too soon.

So we move onwards.

A young friend/relative is expecting a baby girl in July and I knew she wanted some pretty bootees to keep her baby's feet warm in the middle of our winter. I made a pair using 4 ply yarn and while they are very pretty they take much longer to knit than 8ply or double knit wool. Enter Google which came up with these gorgeous little treats. Unfortunately they were far too little for an average sized 0-3 months old baby so I wondered if I could adapt the pattern...and I did!

Using leftovers of 8ply/DK pure Aussie wool and size UK8 and UK10s/4mm and 3,25mm needles...

Using the larger needles cast on 23 stitches.
Row 1 Knit
2 (Increase into 1st stitch**, knit 9, increase into next stitch)twice, knit 1
3 knit
4 (Inc into 1 st stitch, knit 11, inc into next st)twice, knit 1
5 knit
6 (Inc into 1 st stitch, knit 13, inc into next st)twice, knit 1
7 knit
8 (Inc into 1 st stitch, knit 15, inc into next st)twice, knit 1

You should have increased 4 sts in each even row and now have 39 stitches on your needle.
Knit 7 rows.*
Shape instep...

Row 1 knit 22 sts, k2tog, turn and put wool at back of work
Row 2 knit 6, k2tog, turn.

Repeat row 2 until you have 25 sts left and knit to end of the row.
Knit 2 rows.

Leg section...
Work knit 1 purl 1 rib for 4 rows and then change to the smaller needles and continue to your required length.
Cast of loosely with the larger needle.

The white bootees below have a rib section of 12 rows. You can see the second one is almost finished and already has a 3D appearance. I fill knit a little bow or flower for this pair.
The bootees on the right have an 18 row rib so that I could fold it over, they do look much cuter.
The middle pair than are 2 shades of mauve...I changed yarns at row 6 * just before I commenced the instep(top of foot)

  I've also made this pair from a Ravelry pattern, it's very cute but next I will make the straps longer and put a buttonhole in the ends...

I hope you will be be able to make up some sweet bootees, I often make them for my gift box as they are very quick and easy and it's nice to have a hand-made gift ready to go.
Yesterday at the oncology dept I noticed a box that some angels are keeping stocked up with free knitted hats for chemo made my day. Another lady was waiting with her folks and saw me knitting. She wants to crochet some 8ply bootees for her coming granddaughter and asked for some advice on the weight of the wool. Of course I recommended Ravelry!

Would you please let me know if I've made any mistakes or even if you get stuck.

Happy knitting,

**To increase I knit into the front then the back of the stitch to make a double stitch.


  1. Oh, those are absolutely beautiful!! I don't know how to knit but feel a bit jelous when I see those tiny baby booties. I have to try to learn to make them even in crochet for now there may be a chance to be a grandma someday since my daughter got married! It is a dream to learn to make those little cuties!! Thank you for sharing.

  2. My condolonces on the death of Sheila.

  3. Thank you for absolutely beautiful pattern for booties have already made a pair thank you for sharing Robyn

  4. These are fantastic, and I have added them to my Ravelry projects. I had started to add the pattern to the Ravelry database, as well... however, I see that you use Ravelry yourself.

    Please consider adding your lovely booties to the Ravelry pattern database.

  5. Thank you so much for the lovely booties pattern. I'm just about to get out the knitting needles.

  6. Thank you Sue for this pattern, I am going to be a grandmother again in six months and was looking for a simple knitting pattern for booties. This one popped up in my search, so I will give it a try.


  7. Those are adorable, Sue. Thank you for the pattern.