Monday 11 March 2013

Tea Party at Nana's

Sorry to have been so long getting this post done, I've been recovering for days from one of the best afternoons of my life. My hubby and parents, my three adult children and a girlfriend 5 out 6 of their children and Twitch Rabbit all together at the same time which is a very rare occurrence and one that will be remedied.

We had home-made food and played old-fashioned games, my Dad is worth his weight in gold for "organising" the children!

I'll let the photos do the talking, Joe took almost a hundred...

David loves rabbits too

Sleeping Beauty!

Caleb likes the look of the sandwiches

Gord is fishing mad lol

Sweet grand-daughter and sweet daughter xxx

rare pic of Dad with his eyes open! Mum has designated me "Official Sausage Roll Maker" after enjoying her  meal. Damac's Date Slice was hoovered up too...will make 2 next time!

Local parrot watches with interest

I think Caleb may have cheated a little lol

Great-grandad and Olivia get their act together
Davis appears to have lost his partner!

I bought 6 second-hand pillowcases at the op-shop for 75 cents each for "sack" races. They were then tied together to make a "rope" for Tug of War. Strips of fabric were used to tie ankles together for three-legged races and we also played boules or petanque with the set that Mum and Dad bought us years ago. The children loved the gazebo and lay around on an assortment of blankets etc. Olivia is growing up so quickly that she was able to borrow my sandals!

Must away, have lots to say but no time to say it!


  1. Sounds like a great family day full of memories of fun and yummy food. A gift for all. I remember at one of my sons birthday parties i did a theme of the Olympics in the back yard and did similar races. It took ages to explain them because none of the kids had played before or had the patience to learn. The egg and spoon was hopeless. Obviously your tribe wont have this problem.

  2. what a wonderful, memorable day with your family xo Sack races are my kids' favourite!

  3. Sue, this makes me so anxious for our summer to come! What fun you had with your family. So happy for you all that Grandpa and Grandma are still with you, the grands add so much to a family party. Our own are gone except for my Mom who suffers from Alzheimers. Of course Steve and I are the old ones for our youngest grandkids! Looks like a blessed a from here for you and Joe.

  4. Egg and spoon!! Why didn't any of us think about that!?