Saturday 24 September 2011

Ten Years Ago Today....

...Joe arrived in Australia and we met face to face for the first time.

He flew from Ottawa to Toronto on Sept 22nd and then changed planes for the flight across North America to Los Angeles. A third flight took Joe to Tokyo. Next leg was down to Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. On this flight he first tasted wasabe, the very hot Japanese seasoning and tasted far too much in that first 'bite'! Joe was booked into a KL hotel overnight as he had a longer lay-over...the humid night was stifling, the room's air-conditioner wasn't turned on until he got in and even the shower water was warm enough to use the cold tap only! By this time he was too afraid to sleep and risk missing his flight to Perth so it was one very bewildered looking Joey that I collected that afternoon, September 24th.

Now meeting some-one on-line was a very new thing back then so here's some of the comments from family and friends:

Dad, on being told I'd met some-one through the internet, "What???? Aren't there any women in Canada?"

Gordie, "He could be an axe murderer. We'll all come to the airport with you!"

A colleague, "Ohhh Sue!"

Phoebe, on hearing our plan to marry later, "Marriage??? I'll give it 6 months!"

We laughed of course because we were so very sure of ourselves and each other. Some early photos...

On holiday in Augusta
Fish and Chips at Colourpatch in Augusta with the Blackwood River in the background
Joe arrived with a 3 month visa and a return ticket but it soon became clear that he would just have to stay! If he went back to Canada it would have been very difficult to return so we consulted a Visa Specialist nearby. He was wonderful and suggested that we marry within these 3 months and then apply for a Spouse's Visa. So 11 weeks after he landed we enjoyed a quiet wedding at Perth Registry Office with Mum and Dad as witnesses and grandson Baby Jacob crawling under our chairs. When asked for a few words the new Mrs Caissy said, "Well. This is it then!" lol

Always read the small print!

We had a reception in our back garden and were joined by more friends, many bringing a dish of something to add to the feast!

Jacob enjoyed the chocolate mud wedding cake!

So Happy Anniversary to my Love today.

It's also the longest that Joe has ever lived in one house by the way!

I think we'll celebrate with a home-made pizza tonight. What are you doing this weekend?

Love from Sue,


  1. Happy Anniversary you too!

    I imported my husband too and we're heading for our 28th wedding anniversary in December, and our 30th meeting each other anniversary in March 2012.

    Everybody we knew gave it 6 months too - but we knew - we just knew!

    So enjoy your lives together - hugs
    Greenie x

  2. Why thank you Greenie...I regard it as an arranged marriage...arranged by 2 mature people who actually knew what they were doing this time around!
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend...your flowering trees are gorgeous.

  3. That's a beautiful story Sue, congratulations to you and Joe hope you have many more years together.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS to you both...

    Thank you for sharing you lovely love story :)

    And as Greenie says ENJOY your lives together...


  5. Just as well that I was far to polite to voice my horror. You crazy kids!