Wednesday 28 September 2011

Rhonda Has Joined The Australian Women's Weekly

How's that for a cause for celebration? Rhonda starts next month as a columnist for this long established and much loved magazine. The column will be called "The Simple Life" and will appear next to Jackie French's column.

Perhaps even more exciting is the fact they sent a team to Rhonda and Hanno's home last month to write a story about their way of life and it's growing impact on so many. They took many photos, drank Rhonda's tea and listened while Rhonda explained how much happier she is these days living a simpler, more frugal life and making much of what she needs at home. Rhonda's recipe for her Laundry Liquid is there as well as the costing of it and her 5 Top Tips for saving money around the home. Next March Penguin Books will release Rhonda's much-awaited book, "Down To Earth".

The team also spoke to nellymary and seedling (Narelle and Christine) and got their points of view as well as their recipes for Citrus Cleaner and Comfrey Ointment.

Here is more about the magazine itself, it's Australia's largest magazine and has been running since 1933.'s_Weekly

The October edition of the magazine came out today and the article is spread over 4 pages starting on Page 40 and is entitled "Why We Crave The Simple Life". The photo on P41 is beautiful, Rhonda, and on behalf of all of us here I'd like to say how very thrilled we are that you have had your work and influence recognized and we wish you every success with your new column.

Edited to add that the costing of the laundry liquid is incorrect(see Rhonda's blog today) and they didn't use a photo of Rhonda and Hanno together as per her request...every good woman has a good man beside her.


  1. Thanks for letting us know Sue, will grab a copy when at the shops next :)

  2. Thanks for posting that, Sue, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten the chance to see it. What a lovely picture of Rhonda! I wish I could get a copy.


  3. Congratulations!! I will now start buying the mag!! I look for to reading your column.

  4. I've been waiting for this Sue, thanks for being so on the ball. Will go out tomorrow to get my copy.

  5. I was on the ball Chris...we knew about this for a few weeks but were sworn to secrecy! I was up early and still could find nothing on-line so I went to the supermarket at 7am (unshowered and it was 4C here) and then to the newsagent down the road. There is a Budget Booklet which frankly makes my toes curl as everything in the clothing etc is under $120 per item.....that's 2 weeks groceries for us! Some people don't know they're born.

    Hi's Rhonda from Down To Earth who has joined the WW team not I but I'm sure you'll enjoy reading her column. She also writes for Burkes Backyard and has a wonderful forum via her blog...come and join us :)

  6. Hi Sue, thank you so much for your support and love, it means a lot to us. It sure is exciting to write for the weekly. I sent the first article in today.
    :- )

  7. Thank you for letting us know,what a lovely photo of Rhonda,i don't normaly buy Magazines these day's,as they are so expensive,but i will make an exception and go buy this one,as i love Rhonda,Kind regard's Carol

  8. What a wonderful lady Rhonda is and I'm thrilled she's being recognised for being such a great writer and inspiration to so many of us!