Friday 9 September 2011

Friday On My Mind

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A little bit of magic is going on right outside our back door. We have 7 sturdy tomato plants with small fruit already that have come up from seeds in the vegie garden. The excitement here is that any gardening book will tell you to plant out your seedlings in Perth in October/November...these guys have come from "nothing" or as 'weeds' in Winter and are already producing...there are many flowers and at least 18 tomatoes already developing. It helps that we're close to the sea and don't get frosts. There are many other seedlings coming up too...I'm excited!


  1. Oh thats great Sue, I love the self seeders I have great lettuce ready to eat now and am only just supposed to be planting. Soil must be still too cold for tomatoes I guess as noting is coming from my seeds. It is possible they are too old.

  2. Gee Sue I have only just put tomato plants in yesterday and worried it might still be too early. Yours already have fruit, I guess that indicates that it is time to plant. Self seeders would know when to grow.

    I am happy this morning because my garden is getting a nice drop of rain on it and I can see it growing in front of my eyes :)

  3. Wonderful! We are in the ending stages of our garden and I am slowly putting to bed each area. Our tomatoes are still producing, but I think in a week or two I will need to gather the green tomatoes for canned green tomatoes.

    Enjoy the wonders of your gardening!!

  4. Hi Tammy...I have little lettuces coming up in the grass too...I just pick a few at a time and let them get on with it! are so far from the moderating effects of the sea....are you still getting frosts there?

    Jennifer...we don't eat green tomatoes here, no idea why....what do canned green tomatoes taste like?

    Lovely to see you all too.

  5. Lucky you Sue, my tomato plants are struggling to get a hold on the ground. But I'm hopeful.

  6. I love free plants too, I call them 'Thank-you Plants' in Thanks for popping up on your own...I just planted out 9 of my strongest looking tomato plants yesterday...which are flowering, but no fruit yet, still a bit young. I'm looking forward to my best Tomato harvest yet.

  7. That is wonderful! I hope you get a wonderful harvest from your volunteers.