Wednesday 14 September 2011

Happy Birthday, Gordon

We're having our fourth family birthday in 2 weeks today. Gordon turns 32yrs of age today and sometimes that seems like a miracle.

He was born at Rockingham Kwinana District Hospital in the same room as his older brother and later his younger sister and cousins, Tom and Robina! Gordie weighed 7 1/2lbs at birth and was delivered by a midwife as the doctor was busy elsewhere. His cord was tight around neck and he developed jaundice after a couple of days.
Driving at the age of 10yrs, he could reverse a manual car with trailer aged 12yrs and I still can't do that!

 Aged 10yrs again with all his cousins, Gordie is 3rd from the right.

Anyway all was well until he discovered motor cycles at the age of 11-12 years. Several broken wrists and much bruising later he was still going strong.
 Last year however he excelled himself in scaring me by crashing his 1200cc Honda Ninja on the main road in front of his house. He remained conscious and even removed his helmet before the ambulance took him back to Rockingham Kwinana District Hospital for treatment. It was more than they could handle this time so he was transferred to the Trauma Unit at Royal Perth Hospital. The list of injuries included cracked and chipped vertebrae of the neck, punctured lung, fractured collarbone and scapula, severely broken forearm, cracked ribs and grazing to his feet, lower legs and hands.
Modelling the halo at Shenton Park Rehab...once the jacket part attached  Gordie was able to  move around, until then he'd been flat on his back for weeks. The vest was very itchy so Kristie bought him several long-handled 'backscraters"!

During surgery Gordie was fitted with a halo to support his neck and his forearm was strapped and thus began the long road to rehab. Despite his pain and fear Gordie bore his stay in hospital with humour and consideration for others and will have what is hopefully his final surgery this month...the collarbone has set oddly and one bone in the forearm still needs a bone graft.

Gordie loves to go fishing and camping and keeps us well provided in fresh crabs in summer as well as fish.
He's also our first call when anything goes wrong with the car and can always fix it himself or he'll know some-one who can do it for much less than any garage. Gordie loves to cook too and is our BBQ King, his outside roast pork is unbelievably good.
Cooking for a huge crowd at Jessie's 6th birthday party in the park. Hi Dad, Gordie and Joe!
So Happy Birthday Superman....we love you so much...have a great day with all your girls(I know 2 young ladies are very excited about their beloved Dad's birthday). xoxoxo

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