Thursday 12 January 2012

The Big 'Uns

Good Morning every-one...thank you for your comments about Twitch...newsflash, I suspect(after closer observation) that she may be a HE but it won't make any difference to us! I  had to laugh when I read Joy's comment on her Sunday morning kayaking!

I've had 2 busy driving days...On Tuesday Joe had his appt in Fremantle...come back in 6 months...and while waiting for doctor I spotted a former classmate, a Russian Bride and a long-time friend, Kaye with whom to share a few jokes.

Yesterday I left home at 1.50pm, 36C, to drive my DIL, Kristie to the Domestic Airport. Plan A was for her to fly to Adelaide to meet up with Gordie who flew to Port Macquarie to collect a new car and drive it home. He loves long drives but really needed a co-pilot to share the driving and/or keep him awake. It's just over 4,000kms and Gordie does enjoy these driving adventures! Anyway when I got to Kristie's she was struggling to keep the pet rabbits cool and 3 baby Lops had just was just awful and made us late to leave. I dropped her off 10minutes before the flight and then drove through the pick-up zone for the next 25minutes and when she didn't come back out I assumed she'd caught her flight! Wrong. Very wrong.

Now then, when we were in Fremantle on Tuesday we walked over to Wray Ave to Galati and Son's Vegie shop and the first thing we saw was this enormous cheese...I have never seen one this size or shape, not even on TV or smells delicious and is going to be cut up on January 21st in the shop. We bought some fresh fruits, coffee, grated pecorino cheese and cold meats and then went next door to the Italian Butcher. Wow! What a variety he has in store...30 different sausages at least, duck, goose, quail, chicken, lamb, beef, buffalo, kangaroo, crocodile and rabbit from memory.

Here is Joe next to The Big Cheese... 

 ....and that reminded me of this photo of myself, 12 years in London outside the Teddy Shop with what must be the Biggest Teddy hands must have been very cold!

Today 36C is forecast again but we don't have to go out(hurray). I'm going to make moussaka for our main meal with the huge, glossy eggplant I bought in Fremantle, I love the yogurt and beaten egg topping on it :D

Hope you have a Tremendous Thursday, lots of sun-screen Mum if you're playing golf! Dad was unwell yesterday so I hope you're much better today(it didn't stop him cracking jokes, mind you)

Love from Sue


  1. Oh that's so sad to hear about the baby bunnies. We keep the two shop rats cool by placing small frozen bottles of water in their cage, they love them.

    Wow that's a big cheese!

    PS I want to come and steal your little Twitch, sooo cute. You know their illegal here in Qld, however I know many people who have 'long eared guinea pigs'

  2. Hi Lisa :D

    Yes we generally put frozen water bottles in the cages but Kristie had to go out before she realised how hot it was going to be...the other 2 kits in the litter survived and they were on ice packs. Twitch loves hers...she licks it constantly and then lies on it!
    Rabbits were illegal here until about 25years ago too....they were always available through word of mouth but I don't think we called them long-eared guinea pigs lol