Wednesday 25 January 2012

Soft Cheese From Sour Milk

I guess it's the original cottage cheese.....yesterday morning our last litre of milk was "turned" enough to curdle in our morning drinks so I left it on the draining board uncapped until the whey had separated from the curd. I lined the large sieve with cheesecloth, set it over a large bowl and poured in the milk. Overnight the whey dripped through the sieve leaving us with about 200gms of soft creamy cottage cheese. It is 'dry' enough for me to use in lasagne etc but you can also weight/press it to release more of the whey as in the following link.

My cottage cheese...from waste to good food!

Yesterday was the start of the heatwave forecast for Perth, at 6pm it was still 36C in our back garden and even being so close to the sea didn't help. Despite the minimum only being 25C overnight I still slept until 8.30am lol I must have been very tired but I feel great now!

So stay cool my friends in WA, stay dry my friends in Queensland as floods threaten for the second year running. Every-one else? Stay happy.

Love from Sue

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