Monday 23 January 2012

My Hibiscus

With Austin on the mend and now breathing on his own we are all so very relieved. In Gerry's words,

"Our little man's finally had the tube removed from his mouth! :D He's just breathing with a simple oxygen supply to his nose, all on his own. All his stats are looking good and he's sleeping comfortably!"

Let's hope he's off home soon and stays away from viruses forever!

We're expecting a really hot week with temps up to 40C on 2 days and high 30s for the others :( Even going down to the mid-20s at night doesn't help much. Ah well! In the garden this beauty is enjoying the measures 8inches or 20cms in diameter...

These moisture lovers crowd together for a Tropical ambiance....

and Mr Honey Bunny enjoys the cool mornings but brings himself inside to sleep as the day heats up..

It's Australia Day on Thursday and many will celebrate with BBQs and fireworks. Do you have special plans for the coming week?

Hooroo for now,
Love from Sue


  1. Hi Sue, glad Austin is on the mend, hope you are feeling much better. We will be celebrating Australia Day in Walpole, it should be cooler than what we are expecting this week (especially as we have had no aircon since before New Year). Take care, best wishes JoyK.

  2. It seems the year's picking up, lovely news with Austin. Hopefully there's much more good news for you to come.