Friday 20 January 2012

An Uplifting Gift...

...from the lovely Sherri....she of the "step out of your comfort zone"...and I've certainly done that this week...very reluctantly though! Our niece, Jennyfer, tells us it is minus 49C in Alberta where both she and Sherri certainly hasn't cooled Sherri's beautiful heart at all!

A beautiful card of a Mother and Mary Cassatt

Sherri's encouraging words and explanation of the star, I knew she was making them for Priscilla and her girls so yesterday's post had me in tears before I even opened the large envelope! Priss cried too when she opened hers.

The star on our kitchen window where we can see it most often,

It's 36C out there, Sherri...what a difference from your current weather!

So dearest Sherri, Priscilla and I and our families thank you from the bottom of hearts for your wonderful gift, these words are not enough but we know these stars and your friendship will sustain us all through the coming year.



  1. How beautiful, Sherri is a star herself.
    Sending you hugs Sue

  2. and do you know that Sherri expressed great surprise that both envelopes had arrived at our homes, 12,000 miles apart, on the same day? The other gift to Priscilla that day was a children's book and a card from me.....16 days after it was posted!

  3. How sweet..all you ladies are so dear.