Monday 2 January 2012

A Challenge

Over at the forum, Mommy5, aka Sherri, has challenged us to do one each day that is unusual or outside our own "comfort zone". Her idea is to encourage us to try new things and stretch ourselves beyond our daily routines, thus becoming a stronger and more capable person.

On Day 1 I gathered up gifts to be posted and walked up to the Post Office. Posting anything overseas is a real carry-on! 3 postage bags needed to be chosen then filled in back and front, customs declarations completed(where the description of the contents gives away any chance of surprise) and I added to the excitement by choosing 2 cards that had to be written in and paid for before they were sealed in the packages! While I was doing these things the Post Office filled up with others who had lengthy transactions to attend to so in all I was there for 30minutes BUT it's done now and it is a weight off my shoulders.

Day 2 Twitch and I got busy gardening before breakfast which is something I haven't done for years! I dug out several metres of grass runners that were encroaching the beds and Twitch nibbled the edges and some weeds for me. I watered all the pot plants while she took advantage of my business to nibble the tomato plants...she finds them irresistible even though we all know they're toxic and I chase her away every time!

I'm not sure what Day 3's challenge will be but I am open now to looking for something unusual to do, something to push myself.
How about you? Are there areas in your life that are becoming a little dull, can you challenge yourself to do find something different to do?
I'll leave you today with some photos of Twitch and wish you a wonderful week

What a girl she is...we've been discovering just what she likes best to eat and green leaves are a clear favourite, celery leaves, pak choy leaves, cabbage, silverbeet, grass, dandelions and nasturtium etc. Hibiscus flowers, carrot, apple, basil and chives are appreciated too. When she's out in the garden I leave the back door open and she comes in and out on her own now and she loves to have her hair brushed every morning. This pic is blurry but Twitch had scrambled up here by herself and even looked as if she was going to climb the Christmas Tree at one stage!

  One very relaxed rabbit appreciating the air-conditioner when it was 40C outside last week!

Christmas Day, posing for Nana
 Bye bye!  

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  1. Good for you Sue! I've joined Sherri's challenge too.