Tuesday 31 January 2012

Baby Doves...

...in the back garden. They must have hatched nearby and are sheltering in our safe garden as they grow. Their flight feathers are fully developed and there's no sign of Mother so I assume they are fully fledged now.

This is the first photo I took, they are almost invisible! I've cut the grass since then too lol.

We know them as Indian Turtle Doves and they are quite wide-ranging now but pose no threat to local birds. Hopefully they will "grow into those beaks!"

I hope you have a Terrific Tuesday one and all,

PS A quick message from Priscilla regarding how she will spend her Tuesday....
"Portacath installation is tomorrow.go in at 8 am and get sedated and pain meds. Should be released by 1130 am. No lifting for 7 days." This scan is also happening very soon  as well as a bone marrow biopsy.

Hope it goes well and you are soon home again

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