Monday 9 January 2012

A Sunday Walk

With Sherri's challenge to do something different everyday still ringing in my ears I picked up Joe's good camera yesterday morning and went for a 35 minute walk------without so much as a cup of tea inside me! It was a bright cool morning; I could smell breakfasts being cooked in the houses I passed, cyclists and walkers were enjoying the early calmness and kayakers were paddling across the still sea.

"Millionaires Row", 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms etc etc...

This is more interesting, Safety Bay was once a small fishing village and the original houses are gradually being  replaced by mansions...can you see the old water tank in the back garden of this Old Timer?

Footprints in the sand, I see a seagull has walked this way too :D

My favourite house is up for sale, built in 1980 from limestone blocks it always look deliciously cool with it's wide verandas and shady trees.

This is the view across from this house, a small boat-ramp and car-park..

These stately Norfolk Island Pines are a real feature of the foreshore, very shady and they provide food for the corella and cockatoos...

The birds enjoy these pine cones...

On the way home I spotted this long-billed corella and galah foraging side by side in the park...

So thank you Sherri for making me step out of my comfort zone...I really enjoyed my walk and have some lovely photos to remind me.

Shopping day today and then a medical appt in Freo this afternoon for Joe, just a check-up so nothing to worry about there.
We're still waiting to hear the results of Prisca's latest MRI and X-rays, later this week I assume.
Tomorrow I have new photos and news of Twitch's genius!

Hooroo for now,
Love from Sue


  1. I love how the water is on the "wrong side". :D

  2. lol @ Rose....I've always lived on the West Coast, in England too...lovely sunsets!!

    And thank you, Joy, for your kind words for matters a lot to us that others really do care.

  3. Sue, I'm glad you didn't see me fall out of my kayak (got in the wrong end) ha ha, we have just bought kayak's, my DH for fishing in the rivers. We have been down twice where you have taken these photos, so much fun. Your bunny is so cute, I want one too, and the photos on your blog are so lovely and clear. Have a great day. Joy (Warnbro).

  4. Oh Joy...I would have paid to have seen that lol Great exercise and a beautiful area to explore around here, isn't it?