Monday 22 October 2012

A Lovely Weekend

Yes indeed! Lots of pottering, ie slowly and mindfully doing household duties and then watching "Murder on the Orient Express" while knitting on Saturday afternoon. I also bought a second-hand jigsaw for $2, it's 1,000 pieces and the picture is of the Arc de Triomphe at night. Joe has been on the top of the Arc but I was deterred by the many flights of stairs!

Here is the first square of the diagonal blanket I mentioned on Friday, I am really pleased with the beautiful wool and the soft pastel stripes are random in colour and width so it really is an easy knit...

Yesterday was a welcome home morning tea at Deb's house...catered by her for a dozen friends and 2 extra dogs(dogs are always welcome to come to Deb's house). She'd made Anzac biscuits, florentines, ginger snaps and choc chip cookies as well as a huge carrot cake and a coconut cake. There were also savoury nuts from the Royal Melbourne Show and gluten free rum balls for a lovely friend with tummy troubles. Several types of tea as well as coffee were on offer and we sat for several hours, nibbling and was lovely. I didn't take any pics of the group but here is what tired beagles do when tea parties are over...sweet dreams Melody and Thomas...

Thomas said, "Go away, Auntie Sue!"

Melody couldn't care less!

In the garden our bottlebrush tree has suddenly blossomed, I think it looks like a decorated Christmas Tree...

Proteas are a South African shrub that have become very popular here in Western Australia, these were grown by a friend of Mum's, don't they look like fireworks?

I haven't mentioned Priscilla for several weeks. That's because all this month she's been waiting to be called in for scans to see what the tumour is doing at the moment. It's been a rough month with herself and the children being sick and the tension must be unbearable at times but she plods on enjoying life as best she can.

It's raining today and we have nowhere we have to be so a nice day at home is on the cards. Creamy fish pie for dinner,
Hope you have a trouble free and happy week,
Love from Sue


  1. Your tea party sounds like it was very nice. I really like the bottle brush bush and the Proteas do look like fireworks. It's so neat to see the things that grow in other area's of the world! Have a wonderful week.

  2. Love that square Sue, that blanket will look fantastic. Might have to make one myself next winter. Too hot now! Love that bottlebrush as well!

    Cheers, Karen near Gympie.

  3. Sue, thank you for the Priscilla update, she continues to be in my prayers. Loved your tea party and the lovely flowers.

  4. Wow - those Proteus are SO exotic looking! Love them - could never grow them here... Off to check Pris's blog - it's been ages since I checked in. Hugs to you all