Tuesday 23 October 2012

Creamy Fish Pie

One of those traditional meals that have been around in British cookery forever. I didn't really like it as a child(sorry Mum) but Joe and I love it now and it never lasts as long as it should!
I didn't take photos while I was cooking or of the finished dish and Joe has er slopped the leftovers into a smaller dish so that he could wash the casserole dish but we must have a photo, right?

Encouraged by the wholefoods course I am doing through "beauty that moves" blog I made my own adjustments to this dish and added more vegies.
You'll need

400-450 gms white fish fillets (I think smoked cod would lovely too)and a few prawns if you have them
a cup or so of milk
1/3 cup white wine(optional)

Start by placing the fish in a large pan and covering it with milk and wine, salt and pepper and gently warm it until it flakes apart easily...this cooking method is known as poaching

Drain off  stock and save it, mix the fish pieces with at least one and a half cups of frozen vegs or leftover cooked vegs and place it in an oven proof dish.

Next we make a white sauce,
melt 2 tablespoons of butter in a saucepan and blend in 2 tablespoons of flour
then gradually whisk in the milk and wine stock until you have a smooth sauce.
you may need a little more milk or stock, see how you go.
season to taste and then stir it into the fish and vegetables.

Then make your mashed potatoes, I added a chopped onion, a whole garlic clove and two carrots to about a kilo of washed but unpeeled potatoes, cooked until tender and then well seasoned and smashed with a little butter.
Spread the potato mixture over the fish and sprinkle some grated cheese on top.
Bake for about 30-40 until bubbling and hot.
This is supposed to serve 4 people but we ate more than half last night so I'll add another vegetable dish to the leftovers for dinner tonight.

Have a look at the twisted limbs of this eucalyptus tree next to the bus stop...this type of tree sheds it's bark each year and has a beautifully smooth and delicately coloured appearance...

and my beautiful Peace Rose that is still marooned at Mum and Dad's house!

Priscilla has appointments today and tomorrow and then starts her scans on Thursday. Thank you all, especially Hedy, for your prayers and kind thoughts. Go Priss! xoxo

Bye bye for now,
Love from Sue

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