Thursday 4 October 2012

Aussie Farmers Direct

I mentioned that we had joined Aussie Farmers Direct yesterday so here is a little more information.

The plight of Australian farmers has been an on-going struggle forever I suppose. Much of our land is unfavourable for growing crops although sheep and cattle can use a decent portion.The lack of rainfall and indeed drought conditions in parts makes life on the farm even more difficult. We read of the high rate of depression and suicide among farmers, of banks repossessing farms, of farmers being paid 19cents per litre for their milk which then sells for $2 in supermarkets.
 This link gives a quick run-down of farming in Australia without going into too much detail.

I don't have access to a true farmer's market like many other places, the Spud Shed has good fruit and vegetable prices but is out of the way for me so when an eager young representative from Farmers Direct knocked on the front door and told me about the group I decided to give them a go. Cain left a large, well-made cooler bag with me for milk etc and ordered a Winter Veg Box ($26) to be delivered every 2 weeks.
We were both delighted with the taste and freshness of the seasonal vegies that came...

I have also been ordering our milk, butter, some eggs and a beautiful dark rye loaf of bread. They are not as cheap as I could buy in Coles etc but that's worth it to be to be doing my bit for the farmers. One point I have noticed that because I no longer have to go out several times a week for fresh milk etc I am spending less on fuel of course but also on impulse buys and junk food while I'm out!

Now I did need to go out yesterday as I wanted to try quinoa, a high protein grain type ingredient that is gaining popularity ...unfortunately as my photo shows I bought several Coles own brand products doing so I make it harder for independent producers to survive. Coles and Woolworths are working on strangling opposition by not stocking as much variety as they once did. I will make sure I stock up when I next visit Kakulis Bros in Northbridge!

I've been really motivated by the Whole Foods course I have started and I've also been re-reading Jude Blereau's book, "Coming Home To Eat" that was a gift from Lara last year.

When I got home we had a call from Royal Perth Hospital asking if Joe could come in today for his BCC removals/biopsies so that's where we'll be today. Hope all goes well, it's rather painful and he doesn't complain, bless him.

Hope all is well for you,
Love from Sue


  1. Wow this is delicious fresh looking food! I would say ordering the vegetable basket was an excellent choice. I hope Joe's appointment went well.

  2. Hi there Sue, while browsing through articles in regards to Aussie Farmers in order to gain perspective on how our customers feel about our service and product quality, we stumbled upon your great and informative article. We would just like to say we are happy to hear you enjoyed your delivery of our fresh fruit and vegetables and would like to thank you for your support of Aussie Farmers out there in being able to give back to the community. We look forward to being able to continuously delivery the best quality products possible and also gathering as much feedback and suggestions as possible so that we continue to grow and improve.

    Thanks, Aussie Farmers Direct.