Friday 5 October 2012

Perth Cathedral

Joe had to be in Perth yesterday morning for several skin biopsies so I walked around the grounds of the magnificent cathedral that sits just metres away from the front doors of Western Australia's busiest hospital.
The cathedral has an interesting history as it was built in three stages, growing with the city it seems. You can read more about it here's_Cathedral,_Perth

These are some of my photos...

This beautiful old house belongs to the church too..

Spring flowers at the gate...

We walked down into the city after Joe's surgery and were delighted by the many young buskers..

This young man is visiting from Japan and was extremely graceful..

Joe has a large band-aid on his forehead and one on his top lip which he says makes him look like Adolf Hitler and he should colour it black! He has to go back in 2 weeks to have all his stitches removed.

We were late for the appt so we took a taxi from the city centre...I left my patchwork shopping bag complete with my lunch, my ten-stitch blanket and needles and the wonderful book I mentioned yesterday. Hopefully the taxi driver will take it to the police station, the taxi company wouldn't message all their drivers for me which was disappointing but I suppose they have literally tons of lost property every day. I'll phone later today to see if they have any good news for me.

Mandy is coming to visit today so that will be wonderful, we plan to do a little craft work and a lot of talking!

Have a fantastic Friday wherever you are,
Love from Sue

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  1. Sue, try emailing the taxi company, they may not radio re lost property but I'm sure they'll do something if you give the time of the pick up and destination. Good luck.