Tuesday 30 October 2012

Froog's Bread and Assorted Tales

First things first. Dear Mum is unwell with pneumonia in one lung. She and Dad are supposed to be enjoying a beautiful cruise around the top of Australia. The ship's doctor has x-rayed her chest and prescribed strong anti-biotics and anti-histamines and asked her to stay in her cabin drinking chicken broth! I am just so glad they'll be home on Friday when Gordie and I will pick them up and get them safely home.

Secondly, some-one we all know and love turns one year old today...Happy Birthday Twitch!!! Would you like some celery my Love?

His mum, Bella, gave birth again yesterday, 4 pretty kittens.

Now then onto the staff of life. I bit the bullet and tried Frugal Queen's bread recipe on Friday. It's very basic and measured in cups for speed and I was thrilled with the result. I sliced at least half of it to freeze and it makes the most beautiful toast btw. I also turned 3 mandarin oranges into 3 jars of marmalade to enjoy with it. On Saturday I made Frugal Queen's spaghetti sauce...the trick here is to process a lot of vegies to go with a little meat and cook it for a long time. I used almost a whole 2.5kilo tin of crushed tomatoes and have made enough for about 20 meals for about $10. This recipe is a real winner...where FQ mentions tomato paste we in Australia use passata or chopped tomatoes. I added a little wine too.

Tomorrow is going to be very exciting! Mandy and I are taking train and bus to King's Park to meet up with forum members from around Perth....the icing on the cake this time is that 2 members, both from NSW but unknown to each other so far, are in Perth too and will be joining us. We're all taking something for a shared picnic lunch and I hope to get lots of photos to share both here and at the forum. Can't wait!

So, after sleeping in this morning, I had better get a wriggle on and start my duties around the house...I broke the handle of the sweeping brush yesterday so will have to replace it today.
Will be back on Thursday with a Picnic Report ;)

Take care,
Love from Sue


  1. Happy Day, Twitch. <3 The bread looks wonderful, Sue, I'm going to try it soon. Enjoy.

  2. I do hope your mum gets better soon. I can't wait to hear all about your picnic! I only wish I could meet the girls in person too :) So glad you all have the opportunity to do this what a treat!!! Happy birthday Twitch!