Wednesday 10 October 2012

October 10th

Just a few pics today of various things. Mandy came to visit on Friday and brought these beautiful carnations, I love their fragrance...

After losing my 10 st blanket last week(and it is gone, the taxi driver said his taxi was empty at the end of his shift) I had itchy knitting hands so cast on a feather and fan baby blanket to use up this pastel yarn..

On Sunday I ran out of this yarn to make a longer scarf so I joined the ends together to make a cowl, I like this very much...and it only cost a dollar as the yarn came from the op-shop...

My big, fat minestrone, beans and red capsicum from the freezer and bok choy, onions, carrots, celery etc from Farmers Direct..

Vegie smoothies seem to be everywhere I look on-line...I turned these fruit and veg into 2 big glasses of juice...on the right are the bok choy stalks left over from my soup...

  funny colour but it tasted good...

The crushed pulp went into the bokashi bin(sorry about the awful photo)

and I sprinkled it with the powder...

Continuing on with our frugal meals we had a lovely cauli and broccoli cheese last night with herby breadcrumbs from the freezer and grated cheese sprinkled on top to make a crispy "lid" and 2 elderly pieces of fish, also from the freezer lol
I spent a long time weeding and hoeing yesterday and also worked out how to use the bore and irrigation system we have for watering the gardens Yay me!.

Have a wonderful Wednesday every-one,
Bye for now


  1. Wow very productive! Love the look of that soup

  2. The carnies are lovely and all that lovely wholefood looks delish.

  3. Brill post Sue the soup looks awesome Ibeen thinking about bokashi bin one are they good and easy to use ? and a wormery as well but have not got that far yet hopefully when new home comes along
    have a nice day fromLinda