Wednesday 3 August 2011

Bargains in the Meat Department

I try very hard to keep the cost of our grocery bill down and often wander past the "sad" shelves at the know the ones that display the reduced priced goods that are approaching their use by date. Often it is several days away or even irrelevant if you are going to freeze the goods or cook them that day.

Cartons of cream can be made into inexpensive fresh butter, milk warmed and made into cottage cheese with the addition of a little lemon juice or vinegar, vegies and fruits can be trimmed of bruises and used right away and meats either frozen or cooked. Always check for mold etc and don't buy dairy products in swollen packages as you risk food poisoning. Tip...... I discreetly sniff meat packages to make sure they smell fresh!

Yesterday after I popped into the Red Cross Shop looking for wool I thought I'd just see if anything was reduced in Dewsons, our local supermarket. For $7.30 I bought almost 2 kilos of meat, 6 large free range chicken wings from Mt Barker in the south-west, 2 lamb forequarter chops and 2 huge pork loin chops. I cooked the wings last night and froze the other 3 packages....I'll cook them in the slow cooker and get at least 6 meals from lamb and pork chops.

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