Monday 29 August 2011

We Went To The Casino!

Talk about not having time to scratch yourself but that's how the last 5 days have been...a whirlwind of medical appts, dog-sitting, shopping at a bulk warehouse and a trip to Burswood Casino...tomorrow another medical appt for Joe and possibly Melody-sitting again on Wednesday. Melody is our friend's beagle and has recently undergone spinal surgery so it's best not to leave her home alone. Then Mum phoned this morning asking why I hadn't written my blog today...she's my biggest fan!

Yesterday was fun as Mum and Dad treated me to a casino visit and we took our friend Barbara along too.
How's this for good value.......$10 each.....
you get the coach ride to Perth and back(30miles each way), $3 to 'play' with, all you can eat buffet lunch, free coffees etc all day and a ticket in a raffle to win a holiday in Broome.
The Carvery buffet is soup and rolls, salads, a hot dish(Pork in Mustard Sauce yesterday), a pasta dish and then a full roast dinner with beef and pork and crackling, roast potatoes, steamed vegies, gravy and apple sauce. The desserts are plentiful, pavlova, jelly and ice-cream, berry mousse, carrot cake etc, chocolate pudding and hot custard and so on. There's soft drinks, tea and a coffee machine and you can go back for more food and drinks as many times as you like.

This is the entrance and the whole casino is surrounded by beautifully maintained gardens, neatly trimmed hedges, beautiful bronze statues and large fronts onto the Swan River so you can enjoy a stroll along there when the weather is fine. The huge Atrium houses restaurants and over 400 hotel rooms, shops and bars and is 10stories high,

Dad looking very comfy on the big coach...we spent the trip talking about his father's family and I took lots of notes.
Here are Barb and Mum ..."Oy! Stop that!" when they saw the camera!
We drove along the Canning River for a while...this is looking across towards where the river joins the Swan with the Perth skyline in the background.
That looks dangerous...
There was a Vintage Car Show on at the Burswood Dome and many of the cars were outside...this one was on it's way in from Yallingup, in the South West.....
Dad and I went for a walk and saw many more cars...
This Old Chap was hamming it up for the camera....and yes the lid was on lol. Dad is 78yrs young in 5 days!

Mum and I like to play on the slot machines with a $15 limit for the day....we bet 4cents a game lol and yesterday Mum came home with $125 and I 'won' $40 as well as having a fun day out. Dad and Barb need to practice we told them!

As well as the casino and 2 hotels there is a top class golf course here, a helipad and the huge Dome where the Hopman Cup tennis tournament is held each January. It's also a venue for pop/rock concerts etc and the whole complex is only 3kms from the centre of Perth.

We do understand that gambling can become a serious addiction so we set a strict limit to what we may spend and only visit several times a year, mostly for the wonderful food!
(Unfortunately) I am not being paid for this post lol


  1. wow sounds like you had an awesome time.. I never made it to Burswood when we lived there.. I shall live vicariously through you :-)

  2. Hiya Wendy...the grub alone makes it worthwhile when you buy this package deal. They do Christmas in July and serve up huge turkey breasts as well as the beef and pork...I wonder if the Melbourne casino does similar deals? There's live music, sports on huge screens and endless ppl watching.
    I hope you have a peaceful evening, Love.