Wednesday 24 August 2011

My Collection of Buses

....began in the year 2000 when we took a trip to Southsea near Portsmouth in England. We headed for the road where all the antique/junk shops are and found it was early closing day so they were mostly shut! Then we found the most amazing toy shop you could ever imagine......2 tiny rooms packed to the ceilings with toys and puzzles and Matchbox and Corgi model cars and buses. I bought 4 that day and picked up others in Ottawa, Fremantle and once in Warnbro. They fit very well into this old shelf that I found at a car boot sale.

Joe bought me this first one, a Lancaster(my home town)bus as a wedding present when we stayed in Perth at The Sebel Townhouse...a gift from our colleagues at Safety Bay Primary School xx The windows are steamed up as I'd just washed it....and so often when we travelled in these buses the windows were steamed up! As a child I suffered from travel sickness and was often sick on the bus...even on a 5 mile trip! It didn't help that people were still permitted to smoke on the buses!

These next two photos show the whole collection:

The little vintage car in the bottom corner arrived in a parcel from Auntie Jessie and Uncle Ken along with this big red plastic London bus that Olivia loved to play with as a toddler. Mum and Dad brought me the Uk post-box and telephone box back from a holiday.

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  1. Nice touch that, the Mountie at her elbow, just making sure that nothing goes awry.