Monday 22 August 2011

On This Day In 1968

Mum, Dad, Ian and I moved into our newly built home on Westbrook St. The house was built over several months and we made many trips from Point Walter Hostel to see the progress.

At that time Westbrook St was an unsealed track but Mum and Dad chose the block as it faces the Golf Course and they hoped it would never have houses across the road. The Golf Course only had 9 Holes then so we couldn't see anything but the dense green day we saw horses running through it after escaping from Sloan's Reserve on Wellard Rd!

The bad part is I don't have a good photograph of the house but will remedy this at a later's a glimpse...

Great-granddaughters relax on front verandah
and vegetables thrive where the pool was years ago

Will add some photos as soon as I can! Have a Happy Birthday, Dear House.

Edited to add 2 nice pics from Mum! Thanks Mumxxx

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