Wednesday 17 August 2011

A Fair Isle Hat

Another free pattern...using 8ply/DK wool and a 4mm circular needle ...mine's about 16inches long.
You could also use 4 x 4mm double pointed needles or even 2 straight needles although this way you'll have to sew a seam up the back.

This makes a large hat...for a medium size I would cast on 90sts.
I simply cast on 96 stitches and worked 10rows of garter stitch or alternate knit and purl rows if using a circular needle.

Then I switched to stocking stitch and began my colourwork until the total length was about 5inches.

You can choose your own Fair Isle patterns, stripes or textured pattern.

Next row K4, K2tog to end and place a marker here
Work 2 rows straight.
4) K3, K2tog to end
Work 2 rows straight
7) K2, K2tog to end
8) Knit
9) K1, K2tog to end
10) Knit

Now simply K1, K2 tog round and round until 14 stitches remain
K2 tog until one st remains and pull the wool through that stitch to fasten off.
Weave any loose ends in and get your model to pose for you!

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