Thursday 18 August 2011

A Glimpse of Perth in Winter

Yesterday we had to attend an appointment in Perth and got there a little early so went for a walk around the traffic-free malls of Forrest Place and Murray Street. One beautiful building is the Heritage listed Commonwealth Bank Building, built from 1930-1933 in the Beaux Arts style which is rare in Perth.

What made our walk really special was the sight of this beautiful young woman dancing in the style of Northern India or perhaps photo's don't do her justice unfortunately.

When she had finished dancing instead of passing around a basket or hat to collect a few coins she made a short speech about the dangers of Nuclear Power and asked that we sign a petition to present to the government banning NPower from Western Australia.

This is Forrest Place where small concerts etc are shown in warmer times...the trees are bare of their leaves but look stunning in Summer.

And no train trip around Perth is possible without enjoying the poster of the "Grumpy Baby" asking that we leave the seats nearest to the doors for parents carrying babies and the elderly and frail!


  1. Grumpy Baby has become quite the internet meme. I've seen pictures of him holding all kinds of signs. Thanks for that glimpse of the city!

  2. Hi Barb..I do find Perth to be rather sterile and much prefer the smaller and more "hippy" town of Fremantle.
    Fancy Grumpy Baby being all over the place too. Tx for sharing.