Tuesday 23 August 2011

Three Cheers for "JustSpectacles"

Several years ago it became apparent that I needed to start wearing glasses...I opened the door for Bonnie to go out but found I was talking to Joe's Ug boots, I came around a corner at school and asked myself who had thrown grated carrot all over the path but it was blossom from a vine on a trellis, I could no longer see the cricket on the telly from the settee. It was time!

Swayed by their advertising I went to JustSpectacles in the local shopping centre and had my eyes examined and glasses for driving and cricket-watching as well as embroidery work were ordered. When I went to pick them up the shop had closed down and the notice advised me I could collect them from their Baldivis shop, several miles away. This was the day before we flew to Canada!

So to cut a long story short the glasses and I got on very well together for several years until I sat on one pair and broke the arm off. A second pair got scratched somehow and money was "too tight to mention" so I managed with one pair and waited until we had enough cash to get them repaired.

Sailed into Specsavers with them yesterday and the lady in front of me had the very same problem so I eavesdropped and listened as she was charged $109 to repair the frame...this is 1/6th of my fortnighly pension so I walked out in shock. Gathered my senses and went back to ask if a new lens for the scratched pair would cost less. The lassie behind the counter looked at my broken frame and told me that they weren't from their shop which made me look at the case and see that they were from JustSpectacles...ooopsadaisy!

Swanned off down to JustSpecs and showed the lassie there my broken frame and told her I needed it mended the cheapest possible way please....I was starting to channel Red Green, the Duct Tape King by this stage! The young lady told me she'd have a look in their "scrap box" and could I come back in 10minutes?
We did our shopping and then went back....she'd repaired them perfectly and for FREE...I was amazed.

So if you need specs they might just be worth a visit!
Specs are us....Mum and I enjoying a bacon buttie and a mug on tea on the Devil's Bridge in Kirby Lonsdale!


  1. Thats great Sue! Nice service :)

  2. Great service, it makes you want to go back next time you need new glasses!! Can´t remember where I went for little nose rubbers that kept on falling off my glasses, but they always charged me $5 for each!! What a rip off. Thanks for visiting my blog too.

  3. Thank you both...it was almost like the Ikea Ad where the Mrs checks her receipt and then yell's "Start the car! Start The car!" to her DH! lol