Friday 16 December 2011

Friday On My Mind...

.....when we post a photo of something special and leave the link at other blogs. Hallo lovely to 'see' you again xx

Joe took this close-up of a tawny frogmouth at Cohunu Koala Park this week...I think it's great...they are not owls but are nocturnal and eat the same foods as owls.

Do you have plans for the weekend, I'm not sure yet but I'd love to finish the knitted patchwork blanket I'm making for some-one special....I'm sewing the squares together and literally forcing myself to do it!

Bye bye for now,


  1. That's a lovely photo, I'm very fond of the tawny frogmouth. Though they're nocturnal we once had one land on a chair on our balcony. He was so unphased by me I went right up to him and he just looked at me.

    They nest in trees just over our fence, we once spotted young in a nest with their heads bobbing and weaving!


  2. Hi there! I am visiting from 'On My Mind'. Nice to meet you!

    That's a really cool shot of that owl. Gorgeous! I love the way his amber eyes pop out.

    This Good Life

  3. There is a pair who spend 9 months of the year sleeping during the day on our bedroom awning. Where they go the rest of the year is a mystery.