Saturday 10 December 2011

Filming In Our Street, Polarised

Earlier in the week we had a short note in our letter-box warning us in advance that Wire Horse Films would be filming in our street and that "If you see some strange vehicles and suspicious looking cameramen, don't worry, it's just us!"

It's short film set in this area of a 13yr old girl who "learns many lessons about growing up while holidaying at her grandmother's house with her younger brother, Michael." Beth is played by Olivia De Jonge who has been nominated for Best Young Actor at next years's Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Awards. She has also  come to the attention of director, Sophie Coppola, in the US. Her younger brother is played by a young Inglewood lad called Caderyn who is brimming with self confidence and offered Joe a nectarine when he went out to talk to them! I'll never forget his strident voice performing the only spoken line of the day, "Walk the plank you scurvy dogs. I'll have no insubordination on my ship!"

 I'll let Joe's photos do the talking now.

Setting up...they couldn't close the road like they do in Hollywood so the man at the far end of the street(and the one at this end) called "CAR" when one approached and the children were quickly moved off the road.

Emma powders Olivia's nose while Caderyn waits his turn...he wanted her to do his Mum's nose too but she preferred shiny...he then noticed how shiny Joe's bald head is and thought that was wonderful!

Producer/Director, Steve Fleming, goes through the scene one last time before calling, "Silence on set!"

The lovely Emma Vickery directs with one of those nectarines in hand!

Steve holds on to his hat
Scene shot, Cadem heads back to his Mum, she told Joe that they'd been working since 6am!
It's a wrap....or whatever they say...thanks for the interesting afternoon team! The film will be shown at Film Festivals in Fremantle and Melbourne at this point and then possibly New York.

I do hope you are enjoying your weekend, my grandchildren are playing T-ball this morning but we don't have any plans at all....well I have knitty and garden plans :)

Love from Sue



  2. I found your blog today - hope you don't mind me coming aboard as a n ew follower. Interesting post btw!

  3. Hi Sue, my name is Steve Fleming and I am the director for 'Polarised, would you mind terribly if we posted a link to your blog on our Facebook page and website??
    Kind Regards


  4. Hi Steve...I'd be honoured for you to do was wonderful watching you all and we can't wait until the film is released,