Saturday 31 December 2011

Some Christmas Photos and Recipes(Before I forget)

We did manage to have a lovely Christmas with Mum and Dad, Paul, Gordon, Kris, Jess, Livvie and Gypsy Puppsie...and Twitch of course!

We started our dinner with smoked salmon and tartare sauce..

1 cup of whole egg mayo
1T each of chopped capers, gherkins and parsley
2t lemon zest
pepper to taste.

Then we had the main course,

sliced ham and roast turkey breast,
chipolata sausages
roast potatoes and onions
brussel sprouts
stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce
and something new, Vegetable Crumble

I cooked several carrots, a sweet potato, some green beans and corn in vegie stock, then stirred in 2T cream cheese and 2t Dijon mustard. Put that in a casserole and I'd already made a crumble topping of 120gms flour, 90 gms butter and 2 large tablespoons of parmesan cheese and sprinkled that on top. Baked at 190C for about 30-40 minutes.

As if that wasn't enough there was Christmas Pud and Custard, Christmas Cake, Mince Pies, Choc Chip Cookies and Nellymary's Apricot Delight!

Needless to say there were lots of lovely leftovers to share out and very little cooking on Boxing Day.
I tried to make as many gifts as I could this year and here are a couple of photos of the girls clowning around in their new PJs and wearing their fabric baskets as hats lol

Dinner is served, on vintage Blue Willow plates, an assortment of thrifted glasses and tablecloths and our silver cutlery that only gets used at Christmas! My Mum, Dad, Jess, Livvie, Kristie, Gordie and Paul. Joe took this photo and was around the corner in the kitchen.

Before we opened presents and had our dinner we played outside with Gypsy and Twitch ;)

So another year is over, we don't bother at all with New Year's Eve or Day...just another day in our books but we certainly wish all the very best for our families, friends and all of you lovely friends in Blogsville. Hope 2012 is wonderful for you all, that you can rise and meet the challenges that will come along and that you have love and contentment in all your days.

Love from Sue,
Seeya next year :)

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  1. The best way to celebrate Christmas, with yummy food and great family company :) Looks like you enjoyed a great day, what lovely memories to treasure. Thanks for the Tartare Sauce recipe Sue, I shall give this one a try! I'm happy that you found some light in this hard time you are going through. I wish you a Happy New Year and hope it brings good health to everyone in your family. I look forward to sharing blogging stories over 2012, Regards, Ruth xx