Tuesday 6 December 2011

My China Cabinet

...dates back over 100years I do believe...it has the original paper lining, Art Nouveau lead doors and a lovely smell. It hold my treasures.....all have sentimental value and we use a lot of them on our Christmas Dinner table.
I have an odd assortment of Blue Willow pattern plates that we also use on the big day as well as quite a few pieces of my Nana Gardner's, even her grannie's salt dish and teaspoon...

A Royal Doulton Dicken's teapot given to Auntie Jessie many years by an elderly neighbour

A Sadler Blue Willow teapot bought new in 1986 in Myers, Perth

My first Sadler Blue Willow teapot bought in Lancaster, 1978. I think it's over 100yrs old

sweet little egg-cups from Southampton, 1978

$10 Sadler Classic Stories teapot from the Red Cross Shop, 2009

I must take more pics...it will be nice for my children and their children to see where these bits and pieces came from when Nana's memory is too dodgy to be relied upon.

We've had a funny old day here. After two very hot and humid days we've had thunder and lightening and very heavy rain all day...almost like a monsoon as it has not been at all cold.

Joe saw his specialist regarding his neck/shoulder today and we were once again impressed by this doctor's plans for Joe's long term health as well as discovering the source of the pain. Joe has osteoporosis and Vit D and B12 deficiencies....his thoughtful Dr sent me for a blood test too for helicobacter pylori and these Vitamin deficiencies that he is treating Joe for.

Priscilla finally has an appt with her specialist....only 2 WEEKS after being told it was urgent...sorry but I'm still fuming about this..will hopefully have some news on Friday our time.

So this has been a rather rushed post and I apologise for that...lovely Claire awarded me a Liebster Award yesterday but I simply haven't had a chance to join in with that fun yet. xxx

With love,


  1. I'm enjoying seeing your china cabinet. One day I hope to collect some. I'm somewhat sad I won't have any passed down, it's nice when things have personal history.

    Glad to hear Priscilla has her appointment, 2 weeks seems about average (though I know how it feels like a lifetime). I still have everything crossed. Glad also to hear both you and Joe seem to have a thorough Doc.


  2. Hi Sue, I love your china cabinet and all your treasures! So lovely.

    Thanks be that Priscilla will get attention soon.

  3. Thanks for the peak into your china cabinet, so many lovely pieces. Your Willow pattern reminds me of my Mum, it was her favourite.

    It must be something of a relief that Priscilla is finally seeing a specialist. My sister is going through a similar thing at the moment waiting for more extensive biopsy results. The pathologists can't decide what it is.

    Your Joe has a very good Dr sending you for that test. Could be why you've gone off meat etc.