Wednesday 7 December 2011

Perth's Urban Garden

The last time we went to Perth we came across the most remarkable Urban Garden in the precinct where the State Art Gallery, Library and Perth Museum are...adjacent to the Perth Railway Station and close to our favourite place, Northbridge. We were walking back to the train when I realized that the lovely new garden contained fruit and vegetables and not the usual native flora that we generally see, although there were flowering plants and herbs whose role is to attract bees etc......just have a look at this...

the Art Gallery makes a dramatic back-drop

A variety of lettuces

a peach tree with young fruits

artichoke plant in with some herbs

Mixed perennials to attract the bees

I think this is an orange tree
Look at these healthy strawberry plants
an olive tree, it's fruit will be ready in early Autumn

These glorious kangaroo paws are a variation of our state's floral emblem

This is the link to the group responsible for this wonderful project, Josh Byrne from Burke's Backyard and the gang from City Farm are involved as well as many other enthusiastic volunteers.....the plants are organically grown, the planters made from recycled materials and the garden is on an ugly car-park roof.'s-Growing/About-Urban-Orchard/

I hope you are as inspired as I am by this brilliant idea...Joe was a bit sceptical that the plants would be stolen in such a public area...the chives had been carefully snipped and I hope it was some-one from one of the near-by cafes :)
 Hooroo for now,
Love from Sue


  1. That is a great idea! Because it's right next to the train station, a lot of homeless hang around the area or pass through it...wonder if that influenced the councils decision?

    And the thing is, if you go to vacant bits of land (not just in the CBD but in all those awkward shaped pockets of land on the edge of council property) & plant things...locals will take it upon themselves to care for them.

    I really hope it catches on. It's not just nice for the bee's but it would bring neighbours together.

  2. What a fantastic use of an usually vacant space.

    Josh is one of my favourites on Gardening Australia, we have the same hair style :)

  3. I came across it recently when I went to see the fabulous V&A exhibition at the gallery. I agree it is a wonderful use of space - you're encouraged to touch and take. I love it and there are great grassy areas for picnics or to sit and read etc. It was a really suprising happy find, one of Perth's special places. xx

  4. i love the urban orchard in the cultural centre! i am lucky enough to work in the cultural centre too, so pop in to admire the garden and veggies whenever i can! i joined in for a plating session a while back which was a great community day - all of the produce that we harvested got donated to a local soup kitchen too :) thanks for sharing these great pics! :) xox

  5. Oh that's encouraging to know, it's even better to know that the produce goes to the needy.
    It's a true oasis methinks.

  6. I was at a meeting about a proposed new community garden in our area and Josh was speaking about this garden (and others around the world). He stated there had been no damage to the garden - when previously the area was known for vandalism. Fantastic don't you think? It is a great community space. Lynn (linnieloo)

  7. that's good news too, Lynn. Sadly a an elderly drunken native fella was asleep in one of the "beds" but I'm pleased to hear that there's been a reduction in vandalism in the area.

  8. Wow Sue, Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Of course I love it. If only we could convince more councils of this. But slowly, the tide is turning. It won't be long before Perth is a garden of eden.