Monday 12 December 2011

A Busy Day!

Oh's our tenth wedding anniversary, that's tin, as well as my birthday so we've had lots of lovely cards and blessings sent to us. It's also payday and shopping day so these littler things still have to be done. I've just heard from Claire at the forum that she and her DH also wed on her many coincidences there!

Joe and I married at the Perth Registry Office with my parents as witnesses and we had a lovely party here in the garden was a week day so most of our work-mates were working and came over afterwards.

Carol and Lynda look happy too!

Not sure why this large crowd is gathered in the laundry lol Joe, Lynda, Mum, Gillian(who came from Morecambe for the week!) and myself.

Deb, Fiona, Debbie and Auntie Martha. (Mum's old curtains made cheerful tablecloths lol)

Joe's shirt came from an Indian clothing shop in Perth, he wore his favoutite white Levis and my dress was $8 at the Salvation Army Store in Rockingham. Our guests all brought a dish so the catering was very budget friendly too. Our friend, Fiona, took photos and videos and we didn't even have wedding rings until the following year!

Welcome Justine to my blog..I look forward to reading more about you later today

Mum and Dad are coming over for a cuppa and cakes any minute now so I'd get a wriggle on so to speak. I wish for you and yours a happy week, free from stress and fear.
Love from Sue


  1. Happy birthday Sue! Happy anniversary Sue and Joe!

    Love, Rose, Tony, Mavis

  2. Such a special day for you both, hope you've had a lovely day.
    Happy Birthday Sue

  3. Lovely photos Sue, looks like you had a great wedding day. I like Joes choice of clothing!