Saturday 31 December 2011

Hallo Again...

....'smee again!

The main reason I haven't been writing is that I've been really discouraged by Priscilla's diagnosis of liposarcoma...I will copy and paste what I wrote on the forum as it's a very painful thing to try to absorb and understand. Priss has gone from finding a grapefruit-sized lump near her waist on November 13th to being  told on November 25th it is liposarcoma and wrapped around her spine, intestines and and aorta(at least) .

  1. My beloved step-daughter, Priscilla(28yrs) has been diagnosed with liposarcoma this month. She has 2 daughters, aged almost 3 years and 4 months as well as a wonderful husband, Will.
  1. So far she has had ultrasounds, biopsy and an MRI scan that shows the mass to be 15cms/6ins long and almost as is in her abdoman at waist level and wrapped around her spine, aorta and intestines. It is impossible to do surgery at this stage so she will undergo radiation and chemotherapy in Toronto which is 6 hours drive from her home. Tomorrow she has a CT scan of her chest scheduled and then another MRI of her spine on January 6th, her first appt in Toronto is set for Jan 3rd.
    Priscilla has joined an on-line forum(Liddy Shriver) for other sarcoma patients and their families and has been greatly buoyed by the success stories and encouraging messages. A lady here in Queensland wrote to me and told me I could call her any-time for support...she has her DH and a son fighting this battle and she also has this website.....

    All I am asking from you my friends is for support in the form of prayers and hopeful wishes and whatever else you believe in to beg the heavens for strength and healing for our girl.
    Shelagh has already suggested Vit E creams to prepare Priscilla's skin for the radiation. Once the treatment starts she will have to stop breast-feeding of course and probably have to spend many nights away from her family...Social Services may be able to help with transport and accommodation but we're waiting to see.

    This is really hard for Joe and I to be 12,000 miles away and unable to even make her a dinner or wash her floors etc. Just being here to chat when it's late at night in Canada helps a little.

    So this is where we are today, Priss had a CT scan of her chest yesterday and will be off to Toronto early next week.

    I am going to try to carry on  as normal, doing what little I can to encourage and support her and her family. All your prayers and good wishes will be gratefully accepted, as well as any ideas for her care during this time, Deb highly recommends ginger and lemon in hot water for nausea.

    Thank you so much to those of you who have already been supportive, your loving concern eases the shock of all this,

    One day at a time
    Love from Sue


  1. My thoughts are with you both. Just hoping that you can all find the strength to wake up everyday, face what day that brings you, and make it through, one day at a time.
    Donna xxx

  2. Dear Sue, all my prayers and love are coming to you and your family at this unfair and very difficult time. I pray she will make a strong recovery and as we say in NZ, Kia Kaha to everyone. Stay strong. My hugs are for you, Ruth xx

  3. Thank you really matters that others care

  4. Dear Sue, I have no advice to offer but I send my prayers and best wishes to you and your family. One day at a time. xoxox