Saturday 24 December 2011

Introducing Twitch Caramel C,,,,

...yes...two new babies on one day happened this week, Austin was born in Ottawa and on the same day I brought this adorable rabbit home from Gordie and Kristie's place. I didn't know that O had already named her Caramel because of her beautiful colouring but that's become her second name....all pets need at least 2 names! Twitch is about 2 months old and her grandfather and father have been in the family for quite some time. These rabbits are called Lops as their ears hang down instead of standing up straight.

I'm going to take a few days break, Christmas dinner will be here tomorrow evening so I'll have a busy weekend ahead.

Our daughter, Priscilla, has had even worse news regarding her sarcoma  cancer ...please keep her in your prayers, we are shocked to our cores that this could be happening to such a young and sparkling person, mom to a 3yr old and a 4 months old girls. We love you so very much, Priss.

I'd like to wish and every-one of you a wonderful, peaceful and love-filled Christmas holiday and I hope fervently for a happy and healthy New Year for us all.

Stay safe and enjoy the company of your loved ones,
Bye bye for now,


  1. Awww how cute! I have been pestering hubby for a dwarf lop for a while, but it has been falling on deaf ears, conveniently lol! Love little bunnies :)

  2. What a lovely bundle of hugs Twitch Caramel is.

    So sorry to hear more bad news for Priscilla, she's very much in my thoughts and I'm sending all my love.

    Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and a New Year filled with good tidings,

  3. Twitch is something else!

    Sorry to hear the news isn't good for Pris at the moment, I hope it improves.

  4. Lovely, lovely Twitch Caramel.

    So sorry to hear Priss has had more bad news. I hope there is some kind of treatment she can receive and will be on the road to recovery very soon. I'm keeping her in my thoughts and wish her the very best.